Richard Axmann


a German Illustrator with the Austro-Hungarian Armies on the Galician Front

Russian troops in full retreat after blowing up a bridge near Lemberg, May 1915



left : a page showing several German illustrator/artists during the war
right : portrait of Richard Axmann in army uniform on the Eastern Front

Richard Axmann, was one of the many German artists whose war-time illustrations appeared in the Leipziger 'Illustrirte Zeitung' and its serial history counterpart the 'Illustrierte Weltkriegschronik'. This publication relied more heavily on commissioned drawings and illustrations than its Allied counterparts and published works by many talented but relatively unknown artists. Again, unlike similar French and British magazines, the 'Illustrirte Zeitung' published several full page collections of photos of their war-time illustrators, many of them in active service with the German or Austro-Hungarian armies in the field.

Richard Axmann's work that is shown here is almost exclusively of scenes drawn on the Galician Front in 1914 and 1915, showing battles, engagements or events between Russian and Austro-Hungarian forces.

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