'Nelson's Portfolio of War Pictures'


a Photographic Journal of the War


'Nelson's Portfolio of War Pictures' was a quality publication printed on thick glossy paper. Each issue covered a single theme on the war, usually chosen per geographical location, offering a choice of some 32 large sized, finely printed photographs and illustrations. While not being exceptionally original or hard to find scenes, they were nonetheless among the very best to be found on any particular subject. There was no or litle text in each issue, it being taken for granted apparently that readers would know what was happening from other sources and that the captions would be informative enough.

Because of the very high quality of printing and their easy availability, photographs from this publication have nowadays become almost the standard views one sees printed time after time in present day books and magazines on the Great War.

*see a collection of photos from this magazine dealing with the Siege of Antwerp


a typical coverpage : identical for all issues except for the color, numbering and titling



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