Lucien Jonas : Pathos, Patriotism & Religion

1880 - 1947


'La Guerre Documentée' 1

Machine Gunners


Here are a number of oil paintings by Lucien Jonas that were used as covers for the French magazine 'La Guerre Documentée' (The War Documented). The magazine was a serial publication, each issue containing a number of paintings, drawings, etchings and sketches by war-time artists, as well as many photographs and a written text outlining a general history of the Great War, primarily seen through French eyes.

The publication rivals that of the newsweekly 'L'Illustration' in terms of quality, though the circulation was surely much much smaller. The editors, Schwarz & Co. Paris are also known for two other prestigious multi-volume histories of the Great War : 'La Guerre Racontéee par Nos Généraux' and 'La Guerre Navale Racontéee par Nos Amiraux', both published after the war and all abundantly illustrated by renowned war-time artists such as Lucien Jonas and Charles Fouqeray. Line drawings by Lucien Jonas from the first publication can be seen in this section. Drawings by other artists can be viewed by using the link below.

'La Guerre Documentée' focuses predominantly on French feats-of-arms and the covers are a triumphant celebration of French prowness on the battlefield.


see link to 'La Guerre Racontéee par Nos Généraux'


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