Woodcuts from the History Volumes

'La Guerre Raconté par Nos Généraux'

for other illustrations from this work see Lucien Jonas


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The 3 volumes of the history of the Great War published as 'la Guerre Raconté par Nos Généraux' were a graphical extravaganza. Litterally thousands of drawings, sketches, engravings and woodcuts were used to illustrate this work. Published in 1920 the general tone of the books is revanchist, the underlying implication being that France should never forget the offers she had to sustain to win the war. It is a fiercely patriotic work, replete with myths and pathos.

Many illustrators and artists collaborated in providing the artwork. Oddly enough though, almost all illustrations were first made into engravings of one sort or another by several craftsmen. Thus drawings by artists such as Lucien Jonas, Charles Fouqueray, Bellecour, Victor Tardieu and others were transformed into engravings. In printed form they are quite impressive, yet somewhat dark and forbidding at times.

Aside from the innumerable line drawings that adorn the text, several artists contributed illustrations that were made into color woodcuts. There are 20 of such woodcuts in the following galleries. Each woodcut is titled, with on the left the name of the original artist and on the right the wood engraver. The subject matter is very diverse and yet predictable in tone : the Great War was a struggle to the death and yet despite terrible and bloody losses, France was victorious in the end as was its just right.



'The Grenadiers' : Woodcut with elaborate border.
Composition by Fremond and engraving by Gasperini.




Another illustration by Fremond : Assault Wave


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