James Thiriar

1889 - 1965


Cover page of 'les Vainqueurs de l'Yser' - 'The Victors of the Yser' 1917


We have here a small collection of illustrations by James Thiriar, taken from the book 'Les Vainqueurs de l'Yser' (The Victors of the Yser) published in 1917. It was a war-time publication written in the style of a 'Brave Little Belgium' book and as such was intended to be as a morale booster for the home front and the Belgian army in particular, and as Allied propaganda in general.

Unlike many other war-time propaganda publications, this book is subdued in tone and is graced by the talented drawings of James Thiriar, himself a first-hand witness to the fighting and soldier with the Belgian Army from the early days of the war. The book focuses on the day to day life of a soldier on the Yser Front both in action and behind the lines. The text is by Jacques Pirenne, brother to the famous Belgian historian Henri Pirenne.


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