'Leslie's Magazine'


from an American Magazine

Belgian anti-aircraft gun on the roof of the Antwerp cathedral


This an interesting drawing that never made it into Allied publications. Published in a September issue of the American magazine 'Leslie's Magazine' It shows a Belgian anti-aircraft gun placed on top of the roof of the Antwerp cathedral. It is difficult to see what the Belgian military authorities wished to accomplish by this bit of foolhardiness. The added elevation was surely not worth the risk of turning historic monuments into legitimate military targets and giving veracity to German claims of Belgian and Allied duplicity in misuse of cultural and religious buildings. Luckily this was realized by the Belgian government and the gun was dismantled before any damage was done to the cathedral.

Mention of this anti-aircraft gun is also made in the following article from 'Collier's magazine' by American female journalist F. Tennyson Jesse : 'A Woman in Battle'.


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