'Advertising during War-Time'


Anything to Make a Franc

Just what every soldiers needs in a muddy trench : a water purifying straw.


Business doesn't come to a standstill just because there is a war going on. Not even a war the magnitude and scale of the Great War. Of course wars are boom-times for industries supplying arms and munitions and equipement for the armed forces, but not all businesses and manufacturing firms were able to profit in this manner. They still had to sell to consumers as best they could.

Many firms jumped on the patriotic bandwagon, adapting their advertising to confer with the spirit of the times. At times this was done in the best of taste, apparently sincere and genuine in intent. The collection of advertisements from the British firm of Fry's would appear to fall in such a category. Other companies simply shifted the look of their advertising to appeal to men under arms and then again there are a number of firms that must have been quite desperate, both in regards to good taste and commercial advertising talent. The results were at times unintentionally comic.

Here is a collection of advertisements taken from war-time magazines that have a bearing on the war in some manner or another. Often it is only by showing a soldier in uniform, but even so it is interesting to note the manner in which some obviously useless products are presented as being of service to soldiers.


Jubol : a wonderous medicine indeed. Physiological laxative (as opposed to what other kind one wonders),
prevents appendicitis, cures hemmorhoids, vertigo, enteritis, constipation and many other ailments.
And if that is not enough, a sturdy metal box will stop German bullets as well.


Cocoa and Chocolate

Fry's Cocoa 01
Fry's Cocoa 02
Fry's Cocoa 03
Fry's Cocoa 04
Phoscao 01
Phoscao 02
Phoscao 03

Food and Pills

Yes, We Have No Banania
Food and Drink
More Chocolate
Pills 01
Pills 02

Timepieces and Watches

Get Me to the Front on Time 01
Get Me to the Front on Time 02

Pens and Things

Pens 01
Pens 02
Odds and Ends
Reading Matter

Personal Hygiene

Those Smelly Trench Feet
For the Ladies

another way of looking at trench building


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