Letter from Stephen Moore and John Barnwell to General N. Greene

From North Carolina State Records

18th May, 1781

We have the honor of inclosing (sic) you a copy of a letter from Colonel balfour commandant of Charlestown, which was handed us immediately on our being put on board this ship. The letter speaking for itself needs no comment; your wisdom will best dictate the notice it merits. We just beg leave to observe that should it fall to the lot of all, or any of us, to be made victims, agreeable to the menaces therein contained, we have only to regret that our blood cannot be disposed of more to the advancement of the glorious cause to which we have adhered. A separate Roll of our names attends this letter.

With the greatest respect, we are, Sir,
Your most obedient and most H�ble Servants,
Lieut. Colo. No. Carolina Militia
Major So. Carolina Militia
For ourselves and one hundred and thirty other Prisoners.

To Major Gen�l N. Greene

18th May, 1781
Roll of the Militia Prisoners on board said Ship:
Axson, Williams, Junr. Dorsious, John
Ash, Samuel, Dewar, Robert
Arthur, George Dessaussure, William
Anthony, John Dunlap, Joseph
Atmore, Ralph Edmunds, Rever
Barnwell, John, Major Eveliegh, Thomas
Baddily, John, Do., Edwards, John, Junr.
Barnwell, Edward, Capt., Edwards, John Warren
Bonnethean, Peter, Capt. Lt. Elliott, Thomas, Senr.
Bembridge, Henry Elliott, Joseph, Junr.
Black, John, Lieut. Evans, John
Branford, William Eberly, John
Ball, Joseph Ezan, John, (protection)
Barnwell, Robert Elliott, William
Blumdell, Nath�l Elliott, William
Bricken, James Gibbons, John
Bailey, Francis Grayson, Thomas
Basqum, William Guerard, Peter
Clarke, Jonathan Graves, William
Cockran, Thomas Geir, Christian
Cooke, Thomas Gasden, Phillip
Calhoone, John (protection) Graves, John
Cray, Jos, Cap. 16 Aug, �80 Glover, Joseph
Conyers, Norwood Grott, Francis
Cox, James George, Mitchel
Commius, Richard Harvey, Wm., Lieut.
Cohen, Jacobs Henry, Jacobs
Holmes, William Hamilton, David
Hughes, Thomas Holmes, John B.
Heward, James Prioleau, Samuel, Senr.
Harris, Thomas Prioleau, Phillips
Hornby, William Pinkney, Charles, Junr.
Jones, George Pogas, James
Jacobs, Daniel Palmer, Job
Kent, Charles Robinson, Joseph
Kain, John Revin, Thomas
Lockhart, S., Capt.16 Aug.�80 Rhodes, Daniel
Libby, Nathaniel Righton, Joseph
Liston, Thomas Scott, John, Senr.
Lee, Stephen, Lieut, Snelling, William
Legare, Thomas Stephenson, John, Junr.
Lessesne, Johns Stephens, Daniel
Legbert, Henry Snyder, Paul
Meyers, Phillip Smith, Samuel
Michl, John Seavers, Abraham
Minott, John, Senr. Singleton, Rippily
Moncrieff, John Scotton, Samuel
Magdalen, Charles Sayle, William
Minott, John, Junr. (Protection,
61 years of age does not
mean to be exchanged.)
Miller, Samuel
Moore, St�n Col. 16 Aug, �80 Shrewsbury, Stephen
Murphy, William Tousiger, James
Monks, George Tandirs, John
Morgan, Jonathan Tayloe, Paul
Moss, George, Doct. White, Sime., Lieut
Marriett, Abraham Wigg, William
Miller, Solomon, Lieut. Williams, James
Neufville, John, Jun. Warham, Charles, Adj�t.
Neufville, William Waring, Thomas, Sen�r
Owen, John Waring, Richard
White, Isaac  
Welch, George  
Wheeler, Benjamin  
Waties, John, Jun�r  
Wilcocks, William  
Warham, David  
Wilkie, William  
You, Thomas,  
Yeadon, Richard