Partial abstract of 12 October 1780 letter from Otho H. Williams to Baron Steuben.
  • Williams is finally able to make returns of MD and DE troops.
  • At Camden, all musters, inspections, account book and other papers were lost except for a few regimental muster rolls (sent to the Board of War).
  • Williams believes returns form he has designed to be most simple and complete.
  • Williams recalls help given to Steuben previous year.
  • Troops have received no clothing for current season and what they are wearing is worthless.
  • All baggage and equipment was lost at Camden except 25 tents and approximately 20 camp kettles.
  • Williams asks Steuben to send him any instructions from Congress about the Inspector's Department and to communicate his commands frequently.
  • Enclosures missing.
Source: Historical Records Survey (Md.), Calendar of the General Otho Holland Williams papers in the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md., The Maryland Historical records survey project, 1940. Use control-f and search for "[58]"