Comments on Uniform for Maryland Continentals.
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Comments on Uniform of Maryland Continentals

NOTE: These comments are discussion of this source by individual members of the history committee and do not represent consensus of the committee, nor necessarily the final conclusions of the member making the comments.


  • The 2nd Maryland uniform is from Lefferts. It is based on issues much earlier than those worn at Camden.

    For all of the Maryland Line (and probably the Delawares), the uniform was probably overalls, linen waistcoast, shirts (a little variety here is likely), blue coat with red facing, and military tricorn. This is based on the uniform issue they received in Mar/April 1780, just before heading south. It was supplemented due to shortage of wagons, but issuing more shirts at Petersburg.

    They were armed with French muskets and probably had the French cartridge box.

    I am not certain that they had garters or stocks. these do not appear in any post Camden inventories . The buttons on these men were USA buttons. The Delaware variants were gold tape on the hats where the Marylanders wore white tape. The Delaware [enlisted men] may have had DR pewter buttons based on battlefield finds. The officers had yellow metal DR buttons. The Maryland officers were supposed to have the number of their regiment and the letter M on their buttons.

  • For my study of the Southern Army supply, folks might want to check my article "Supplying the Southern Continental Army, March 1780 to September 1781" in Military Collector and Historian XLVIII(4):163-171. [47 (Winter 1995), pp. 163-171.] It cites everything I knew at the time.

John Robertson:

This illustrated site on Maryland Continental uniforms is interesting.