Comments on Uniform of British Legion.
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Comments on Uniform of British Legion

NOTE: These comments are discussion of this source by individual members of the history committee and do not represent consensus of the committee, nor necessarily the final conclusions of the member making the comments.

Gary Corrado, QR, qrranger
Moderator, Revolutionary War dragoons

Years ago I got a copy of the April 1976 National Geographic. In it was a color period fold out copy of the battle of Camden. [ed. note: See Barron map] On the map was the battle line of the units before the battle began. Each unit was depicted with a rectangle showing coat color and facing color. All units depicted were as we now know them, but with one exception. The British Legion cavalry are in the well-known green faced black. BUT THE LEGION INFANTRY ARE IN RED FACED BLACK! Since this is a period map, in color, showing all unit uniforms, would this not indicate the correct color for the legion infantry? [ed. note: While the map is of the period, I recall nothing to date that indicated that Barron was present at the battle.]

Also, there is a reference at the battle of Cowpens referring to the attacking line of the 7th Foot and Legion infantry as a "long red line". I believe it is quoted in the book "Devil of a Whipping". There is also a reference to the Legion infantry receiving "leather caps" light infantry style quoted somewhere - I'd have to ask Todd Braisted.

So given all this information, shouldn't the page on "Uniforms" on the Camden project webpage be updated to reflect this info for the Legion infantry? Their uniform has always been a question mark, and given this body of evidence it may not be any longer. [ed. note: With the addition of these comments, it has now effectively been updated to include this very relevant question.]

John Maass, fusiliercolumbus.rr:

In Troiani's book [Soldiers in America] is a picture of a Tarleton's Legion trooper...