The journal and order book of
Captain Robert Kirkwood
of the Delaware Regiment of the Continental line

of Marches, from Morristown, East Jersey, Southerly

[214] [2]
When   Miles.
Apl 13th I left Morristown four days before the Mary-
land and Delaware Line, and arrived at New-
ark, in the Delaware State.
  From thence went to Lewis town, and return-
ed back to Newark
May 5th Set sail from the Head of Elk, in Compy with
50 sail of vessels, being the Second brigade in
the Maryland Line, Destin'd for Petersburgh,
Virginia, at which Port the vessel I was in
Arrived the 23d Inst.
30th Decamped from Petersburgh, and marched
to Rockaway Court House.
31st Marched to Jones's Bridge and Encamped. 17.
June 1st Marched to Commissary Lambs, Brunswick
2nd Marched to Short's Ordinary 16.
3rd Marched to Stony Creek 18.
4th Marched to Roanoke which we Crossed at
Taylor's Ferry and lay upon its Bank, (this
River is about 350 Miles Long).
6th Marched into Granvill County, North Carolina. 10.
7th Marched this day to Genl Parsons. 10.
June 21st Marched from Genl Parsons, and Encamped on
the South Side of Flat River.
22nd Marched this Day to Hillsborough 15.

When Year 1780 Miles.
Marched and crossed Haw River 15.
Marched and lay in the woods 6.
2nd This day marched to Chatham Courthouse 18.
5th Marched this Day to Deep River which we Crossed 14.
18th Marched to Wilcoxes Iron Works 12.
19th Marched to Hollinsworths Farm on Deep River 18.
25th This Day the Honble Majr Genl Gates arrived
and took Command of all the Southern Troops
27th Marched this day to Spinks Farm, Randolph
County, N. Carolina
28th Marched this Day to Cottons Farm 15.
29th Marched to Smith's Mill, on Little River 10.
Marched to the River Pee Dee, and Crossed at
Masseys Ferry, encamped on Ingrams Farm,
Hanson County
2nd Marched this Day to Mays Mill 15.
3d Marched to Thompsons Creek. The line at this
place Divides North & South Carolina.
4th Marched this Day near Andersons Cross Roads 17.
6th Marched and Encamped in the pines, received
Information that the Enemy was advancing
8th Marched to Big Linches Creek 16.
10th Marched and encamped in the Pines 7.
11th Marched to Little Linches Creek, to gain the Ene-
mys Right
12th Marchd this Day and lay on our arms all Night. 6.
13th Marchd to Ridgleys Mill 16.
15th Marchd this Night at 10 OClock 6.
16th About one in the Morning Met with the Brit-
ish Army at black Swamp and drove in their
Advance guards we then Halted and formd
the line of battle the 2d Brigd on the Right
the first in the Center and the Malitia on the
Left and Lay on our arms until Break of Day

When. Year 1780 Miles.
  when the British advanced and attackd our Left
Flank where the Malitia Lay, who give way,
which give the Enemy's horse an opportunity to
gain our Rear, their Infantry at the same time
gaining our Flank, and their Line advancing
in our front, which Caused the Action to Be-
come very Desperate, which continued for the
Space of Half an hour in this action, Lt
Col. Vaughan, Major Patten, six officers and
Seventy Rank and file of our Regt was taken
Prisoners with all the Cannon and Baggage
of the Army I can give no account of our
Marches on the Retreat untill we came to Sal-
isbury which we Arrived at on the 21st
24th Marched and Crossd Yadkin River 7.
  From thence we marched to Guilford Courthouse. 50.
  And from thence to Hillsborough 45.
Octbr7th This Day three Companies of Light Infantry
were chosen, one under the command of Capt
Bruen of Virginia second, by Capt Kirk-
wood, & the third by Capt Brooks the whole
under the Command of Col. Morgan.
Octbr8th Began our march from Hilsborough under com-
mand of Col. Morgan, and arrived at Sal-
isbury the 15th Inst.
10th Marched this Day to Col. Locks Farm. 5.
19th Marched to Fifers Mills 15.
21st Marched about two below Esqr Alexanders 23.
22d Marched to Six mile run there joind the
N. Carolina Militia under the command of
Genl Davidson
25th Moved our Encampment in front of the Militia this Neighborhood is called New Providence and within 14 miles of Charlotte. [3]

Added by transcriber

  1. This transcription was made from photocopies of the original journal, premumably taken from microfilm, with reference to the printed and edited version of the journal. It was noted that a few details may be seen to differ between the two versions (dates, mileages, place names).

  2. Page number in brackets are present on photocopies of original, but may have been added at some point by others.

  3. Printed version of journal adds, presumably from the next page ([217] in the journal: While we Lay at this place Col. Morgan received his Commission of Brigadier Genl From Congress. . It may be seen that Gates letter to President of Congress 4 July 1780 was the probable cause for this taking place.