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Camden Battle of Camden, Death of De Kalb..  Another version.   Large one. (NARA). DeKalb Monument to Baron de Kalb. Another view of statue. Archive.orgAnother.
Gates Horatio Gates  AnotherAnother. (Subm. by J. Craig).   Fresco in Senate corridor in U.S. Capitol.   Large one (NARA)   Another. DeKalb Baron DeKalb. Another.
Smallwood William Smallwood O.Wms. Otho Williams
Howard John Eager Howard. Another. Another. Statue. Picture. Caswell One in color   Another  Another
Gist Mordecai Gist   archive Another   archive Another.
Major General Mordecai Gist by Lossing.
Sumter Thomas Sumter. archive Another. Another.
Francisco Archive.orgPeter Francisco. Horseback. Stamp. Cornwallis Charles Cornwallis. Archive.orgAnother. Archive.orgAnother, different. archive Typical but larger.
Tarleton Banastre Tarleton Another. Numerous. Rawdon archive Francis Rawdon   Another.   Another by Lossing.   Archive.orgAnother.
Hanger George Hanger. Hist Mkr Historical Marker along highway near DeKalb's monument. archive An older paint scheme.
Monument "Baron DeKalb Mortally Wounded on This Spot" monument near battle site.   Another.       Another. Pinckney Thomas Pinckney. Another by Lossing   Another.
Spaight Richard Dobbs Spaight, Sr.
  Another. Another.
Camden NHL Camden National Historic Landmark Marker, full view, near battle site.       Close view
Rawdon "Vol. of Ireland merit medal" awarded by Lord Rawdon. Charles Armand La Rouļæ½rie, marquis de Tuffin [dit 'Armand-Charles'] (1750-1793)
H.Rock" "Hanging Rock" by Benson J. Lossing (1849). Scanned by B.Carr. Site: Rugeley's Mill "Site of Ruguley's Mill" by Benson J. Lossing (1849). Scanned by B.Carr.
View "View at Ruguley's" by Benson J. Lossing (1849). Scanned by B.Carr. Gum Swamp "View at Gum Swamp" by Benson J. Lossing (1849). Scanned by B.Carr.
Sanders "View at Sander's Creek" by Benson J. Lossing (1849). Scanned by B.Carr. 200' wide. Stone Stone in woods behind De Kalb marker on battlefield. Faceplate missing.
RW Revolutionary War Park in Quaker Cemetery across US521 from Historic Camden Revolutionary War site. Longleaf Longleaf pine.   archive Picture.   Description   Description   SC preserve   Longleaf Alliance   archive Resource
DekalbGist" Lafayette, DeKalb, Gist in Paris before war.
Harold Washington Library, Chicago
Submitted by William " Rusty" Major
Brit Lgn Uniforms
No image
Capt. William T. Stoddert, 5th MD, probably present. Gen. Washington's Army: (2), p.42. Soc. of the Cincinnati Mus., Washington DC. Hugh<br>Wmson. Dr. Hugh Williamson

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