Help Wanted. Project to Obtain Park at Battle of Camden SC 16 August 1780 ("Gates' Defeat").
Help Wanted for the Battle of Camden Historic Site Project

    We are sure that there are many out there who strongly support the effort to have the battle site of the "Battle Near Camden, 16 August 1780" both protected and made accessible to the public. We will use this webpage to try to offer ways in which you (or someone you know) might like to be of assistance to the project. If you think that you might be of help ways other than those shown here, let me know and I will see that your idea reaches the right person.

  1. Financial contributions welcome. We have been asked how interested persons might help in this meaningful way.

  2. Transcription help. More relevant documents will appear online as soon as they can be transcribed. If you support this project, want to help but have not found your way to participate, this is a way that almost any computer user could be of help. All that is required is reading text from a graphical or printed image and typing it out. You can submit it in a word processor file (any), or you can do it in Wordpad, copy & paste it into an email. Any reasonable effort to follow the formatting will suffice. Your transcribed version will be reformatted by the website editor (comparing to the original) for html.

    Currently need transcribers for the following. let me know if you would be willing to transcribe one of the following:

    1. "Examination of William Allman of Colonel Stubblefield's Regiment of Virginia Militia," Sept. 20, 1780, Papers of the Continental Congress, Reel 174, Vol. 2, 25. Images online.   Being transcribed by Bill Braham, UK

    2. J. Spear Smith, Memoir of the Baron De Kalb, read at the meeting of the Maryland Historical Society, 7th January, 1858, Baltimore: Printed by John D. Toy, 1858.   Images online.   Being transcribed by Christos Christou Jr., MD

    Additional tips for transcribers. Please read.

    Temporarily stored source file images. They are put online here for the use of transcribers and are left online temporarily in case anyone wants to print or save images of the source images. They will be removed without notice as necessary to conserve web space.


  3. Photocopies/scans needed. 1) We need to obtain copies of the following articles/chapters, and then 2) we need to endeavor to obtain permission, if such is required, to transcribe them and post them on our worksite. The first thing, of course, is to obtain copies of the articles/chapters. If you can help in this way, please notify Let us know. After we obtain copies of the articles, we will then work on step 2, if required.

    • To be added.


  4. Draper papers. We need someone to go through the Lyman Draper papers microfilms and separate out anything dealing with the Southern Campaign from August 1, 1780 to August 20th, 1780. Contact Charles B. Baxley, cbbaxley Telephone:o-803-438-4200; h-803-438-1606.


  5. Copies of the muster rolls for the NC militia by brigades. in the Troop Returns, Military History Section, South Carolina Historical Society, in Charleston, SC. If anyone nearby with access to the SCHS will obtain these copies, it will be most helpful. Contact Charles B. Baxley, cbbaxley Telephone:o-803-438-4200; h-803-438-1606.


  6. Transcriptions of Revolutionary War Pension Statements. If you have access to the Revolutionary War pensions statements of persons who served in the Battle of Camden, or whose statements shed light on the battle in any way, it would be a great help if those statements were transcribed in their entirety (showing identifying number: S, W or R) and submitted. If the pension statement carries an R number (meaning that it was rejected), it is still valuable for the information it may provide. These may be submitted to John Robertson


  7. Artifact collectors. If you have collected artifacts on or near the battle site of the Battle of Camden (or know someone who has), you may have vital information that could help in correctly deciphering the movements of the battle. It is very helpful if our historians and archaeologists can analyze your findings and can learn from you where each category of artifact was found on the battlefield. Some of our most helpful information is coming from those who spent many years as amateur archaeologists and who have been willing to share their valuable knowledge with our specialists. We are combining the information contributed by several artifact collectors, plotting it on a battlefield map with other kinds of data, and will use it to help reconstruct the battle. Your knowledge, artifacts and information could help fill in the gaps of what we now know. If you can help, call Charles Baxley, o-803-438-4200; h-803-438-1606, or email Charles B. Baxley, cbbaxley .

    Examples of the artifacts which have been identified, photographed, and mapped are shown here.

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