Letter from Francis Marion to P. Horry, 17 August 1780

Gibbes, Documentary History of the American Revolution, Volume 3, No. 20, p. 11.

LYNCH'S CREEK, 17th Aug., 1780.


You will take the command of such men as will be collected from Capt. Bonneau's, Mitchell's & Benson's Companies, and immediately proceed to Santee fron the Lower ferry to Lenud's and destroy all the boats and canoes on the River, and post guards on each crossing place and prevent any persons crossing to or from Charles Town on either side of the River. You will give all intelligence necessary and the number of men you may have collected as early as possible. You will procure about twenty-five weight if gun powder, and proportionable quantity of Ball or Swan Shot, also flints and send up to me, immediately, to the King's Tree, by an Express.

I am, with esteem, your ob't servt,


N.B.�You will also take the command of Capt. Lenud's Company and furnish your men with arms wherever you can find them, giving a receipt.