From John Lowry, Revolutionary War Soldier, Immigrant by Nellie Graham Lowry

...he marched in July 1780 from Salisbury and joined the Continental Army under General Gates near the Cheraw hills on Peedee River in the State of South Carolina and was marched from thence under the command of General Rutherford, Colonel Alexander, Major White and Captain McAdoo his particular and immediate Militia commanding officers and under the command of general Gates to a place called R____ Mill 13 miles from Camden. That he believes that General DeKalb a French General was then a commanding officer in the Army.

That on the 15th day of August 1780 in the evening General Gates marched to attack the British who it was said were entrenched at Camden the British at the same time stealing a march on us. The Armies met about midnight when the front guard had several skirmished at daylight. The battle became general and cannons were used. That in this engagement he had the honour to command a platoon of 16 brave soldiers assigned to him by Major White two of whom were killed and one wounded. That in this defeat his General to wit Rutherford was wounded and taken prisoner and General DeKalb and many other brave men were killed. That he did not see his General to wit Gates during the battle nor after but on his retreat and return home about 30 miles from the battle ground (which was seven miles from Camden) he saw on the side of the road the same beautiful sorrel horse on which General Gates rode the evening before the battle which he was told General Gates left there about 10 o'clock on the morning of the battle. That after this defeat he returned home."

From the Revolutionary War Pension Application of John Finley GG Vol 23#1p18