Payroll, Capt. Martin's Co., Amherst Co. VA Militia June/Sept 1780

Pay Roll of Capt. Azh Martin's County Militia, from Amherst County, belonging to the 4th Regt Virginia Malitia, commanded by Colo James Lucas, taken from the 15th of June to 7th of September 1780, being 80 four days in the Continental Army.

Azh Martin..... Capt  
Wm. Holt........ Lieut. (Substitute for William Bibb)
Lee Royapshas.. Lieut.  
Jas Alexander.. Lieut. (Discharged)
Jno Martin..... Sergt  
Jereh Walker... Drum Major  
Josa Tuggle.... Corp.  
Saml Bell...... Private  
Absom Pollard.. "  
Saml Dinwiddie. " (Dessarted from the battle of Camden)
Saml Carter... "  
James Hopkins.. "  
Wm Pierce...... " (Missing from the battle of Camden)
Wm Forbus...... " (Dissarted from the battle of Hillsborough)
Wm Boulware.... " (Missing from battle of Hillsborough)
Alexr Forbus... " "
Edwd Biby...... " "
Nicholas Lynn.. " "
William Phillips. " "
Pleasant Dawson. " "
William Murrah(Murray). Pvt. "
Wm Bowman...... Pvt. "
Robert Tate.... " "
Owen Ohern..... " "
Jacob Pucket... " "
Henry McClain.. " "
John Clifton... " "
John Bowman.... " "
John Miller.... " "
Gideon Martin.. " "
Thomas Church.. " (61 Days)
Simn Ramsey.... " "
John Cloe...... " (Missing from the battler of Hillsborough)
William Purkins. " "
Thos Price..... " "
Jas Henderson.. " "
Robert Gratton. " (Taken Prisoner at the battle of Hillsborough: returned.)
John Brown..... Pvt. (Missing from battle of Hillsborough)
Bennet Henderson. Pvt. "
Jambes Obryan.. " "
Alexander Pattern. Pvt. (Didn't Recd 50 acres Bounty; deserted at Hillsborough)
John Sobbing... " (61 days, deserted at Hillsborough)
William Marshall, Pvt. (Missing from the battle of Hillsborough)
[illegible] [Pvt.?] (Taken prisoner)
[illegible] [Pvt.?]  

Source: 1999 post to Hopkins surname list on forums. Probable source: Persi records: Surname: Hopkins; Article Title: James Hopkins, declaration, 1832, Virginia; Periodical: William and Mary Quarterly Volume: 10 Number: 1 (January 1930); "'Eight Month's Company' of the continental Army", By Mrs. Lenora Higginbotham (MacFarlane) Sweeny.