Examination of William Allman
Soldier in Colonel Subblefield's Regiment of Virginia Militia,
dated Hillsborough 20th, September 1780

Papers of the Continental Congress, Reel 174, Vol. 2, 25

Transcribed by Bill Braham, billwbraham.demon, UK

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Examination of William
Allman Soldier in Colonel
Subblefields Regiment of
Virginia Militia, dated
Hillsborough 20th September


Examination of William Allman, of Colo Stubblefields' Regiment of the Virginia Militia � who was wounded and taken in the Action of the 16th Ulto and escaped from the Enemy

Says that he left Camden, about Eleven Days ago, � that Ld Cornwallis was then there, that there were then in Garrison only the 23d 33d and 71st Regular Regiments, and about 500 Tories, (who all wear red Rags in their Hats, for Distinction) � that the Enemys Troops were {uncommonly}[2] sickly � and the Tories {remarkably} [257][1] so, with the small pox � That the Prisoners taken in the Action of the 16th Ulto were sent in {four?}[3] Divisions for Charles Town, the Three first of 150 each, and the last of 130. That the First Division consisted of all the Continentals, who were retaken by Colonel Marian. That Lord Cornwallis Rawdon's Corps, had been towards 96, to receive that part, which Colonel Pickens had taken. � That a Number of the Legion went down towards Peedee, to retake the Prisoners from Colonel Marian � That all the Cannon, but two are sent to Charles Town � That the Enemys Soldiers declared, they suffered exceedingly in the Action with Colonel Williams, that a Captain Campbell an Officer in high Repute of the Regulars, amongst others was kill'd � and that in Consequence of his being kill'd they disclosed they would give no Quarter � That the Prisoners in Camden , were served only with one Jill of Meal unsifted, and seldom with any Meat � That the wounded were very much neglected � and when they {died?} were suffered to lay until they stink horribly in the Yard with the other Prisoners notwithstanding Capt Doyley and others, remonstrated against it � That the party at the Waxhaws, consists of only Four Hundred Men � are sent there to thrash Wheat, and procure Provisons � That Colonel Tarleton, and Colo Trumbull [257][1] are gone as he the Declarant supposes, towards 96 � That the Enemy had no Flour in Camden, when he left it, and that the Indian Meal was also very scarce �


General Rutherford was recovering fast, and that he and all our Officers, are ordered to Orange County Orangeburgh � That the Militia were all ordered into Camden the Day before the Declarant left it, to Serve Three Months � That the Parole Men that agreed to come in and serve three Months were to be pardoned � otherwise to be hanged when taken � That Three Parole Men taken in Sumpter's Defea{t?} were to the Knowledge of the Declarant hang'd and the Inhabitants assured him, that Eleven had been hanged � That he is confident the Enemy are very much in Want of Provisions � particularly of the Bread Kind -

William Allman

Taken at Hillsborough
the 20th September 1780 �


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