From Pension file S2905:

Pension Statement of Dan Alexander


In order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June of 1832.

State Of Tennessee

Hardeman County

On the 26th, day of May 1836, personally appeared in open court before William B. Lusky, Judge of the 10th Judicial court now sitting. Dan Alexander of the said county of Hardeman and state aforesaid aged seventy six years, who being forth due sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June of 1832. That he was born in Mecklenburg County State of North Carolina (?) of March 1757, which he learnt from the Registration of birth in his Father's bible. This declarant continued to reside in Mecklenburg County until the breaking out of the hostilities as one of the minute men and served in 1778. I was three months tour under General Irwin & Capt. William Alexander being our captain, he was nicknamed black Alexandary ?. We then went in a direction towards Charleston in search of the British who we heard were advancing upon that direction, being cried out a false alarm and we marched back to Charlotte Court House and were dismissed with orders to hold ourselves in readiness at a moments warning. We were afterwards called out to guard a magazine in Charlotte where the company was commanded by Thomas Alexander. We then served a tour of (?). We were then marched to Ramsour's Mill in pursuit of the Tories, at the request of Gen. Rutherford. Capt. Gilly Falls company of minute men went with us, on reaching Ramsour Mill we found near 300 Tories collected. We made an attack on them and dispersed them, killing several. Capt. Gilly Falls was killed and I saw him after he was dead. We went through the country during the time of this Tour on (?), to await Tories who were troublesome and broke up several of their establishments. We were then marched to the fork of the Yadkin River in North Carolina on the same duty and captured several tories who were sent to Salisbury jail (?). I afterwards volunteered under Capt. Pettis to break up the Tories on Lynches Creek in South Carolina, and marched then a distance of 80 miles. We routed the Tories and drove them off after killing some. Lieutenant Brown was with us. I also volunteered under Capt. Martin Fifer on the same duty, and at the Moravian Town over Yadkin River and also in Guilford County under Capt. Alexander. In this I was four months employed. In 1780 we were called out and went under the command of Maj. Wm. R. Davie and Alterney and oficial ? Minister to France. I believe to join Gen. Gates near Camden. Maj. Davie was a tall Sallow complexioned man with blue eyes. In getting as far as Gaston which is near the South Carolina line we met the American Army retreating. Gen. Gates and Maj. Davie had some conversation, we advanced some distance when in meeting some French officer flying we also joined in the retreat. Gen. Gates had on a pale blue coat with epauletts and velvet breeches, riding a bay horse. We retreated as far as Charlotte very much fatigued and worn down. The enemy followed us into Charlotte commanded by Gen. Cornwallis, where they took up quarters and remained this month, this was in August. The American force was encamped ten miles north of Charlotte. The Battle of Kings Mountain was fought some were about this period, in which the British broke up and activated (?) to Hill's Iron Works and then to Cowans ford on the Catawba River. We followed them as far as Hillsborough after which the company to which I was attached was employed watching the Tories. This dielant recolects Gen. Sumpter, Gen. Davidson who commanded the troops to which he was attached while encamped North of Charlotte Court House, and also Gen. Rutherford and Gen. Pickens of South Carolina. This dielant received but one discharge while in serving which he lost not calculating in it was being of any use to him, he has no document in his possession by which he can prove his services, and he knows not of any person by whom he can testify as to his services. This dielant had (?) forgot to state, that after the battle of Camden, he was dispatched under command of Capt. McCall to Harts Mill near Hillsborough which was held by a guard of eighteen grenadiers. We attacked them killing some and took six prisoners, one escaped in the creek.

This dielant is so very old as his memory so bad, that he cannot recollect well as to years or dates in which he was called out and served. Being a volunteer as what was then called a minute man, he was constantly liable to duty and that frequently at detached periods (?) lost? as to the (?) (?) and this into and for (?) (?).

This dielant would further state that in the several tours of duty above set forth, six weeks was the regular draft for each and he served throughout fully.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a Pension or annuity receipt the present and declares that his name is not on the Pension Rolls of the Agency of any State.

Sworn and subscribed this

day and year aforesaid Dan Alexander

Jno: H Bills Clerk

Hardeman County Court

We Reddick (?) a Clergyman residing in the County of Hardeman, and Stephen H (?) M.D. residing in the same County certify that we are well acquainted with Dan Alexander who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be seventy six years of age, that he is (?) and believed at the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur in that opinion.

Sworn and subscribed this Day and year aforesaid Reddick (?)

Jno: H. Bills Clerk S.H. Doxey ?

Transcribed by Carol Buckler, bucklercarol

Also found in Walter Clark, ed., North Carolina State Records, Vol. 17, p. 95 (ref submitted by John Maass).

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