By Ken Ford

Osprey Publishing 2002 - ISBN 1 84176 368 3

96pp - Paperback - numerous b/w illustrations, numerous colour plates and maps.


The Osprey Campaign series is a well known and established bench-mark in studying the battles and campaigns of military history. The books are high quality, with well produced and clear illustrations, fine colour plates and maps, and always well researched.

Ken Ford has contributed several excellent titles in the series, and a previous one on D Day in the same campaign series (for a review click here). This title gives a good account of the British and Canadian landings on Gold and Juno Beach. Juno was one of the toughest beaches on D Day, and the Canadian landing is broken down into the two Brigades which came ashore. Gold Beach was more successful for the 50th (Northumbrian) Division, but the author notes the dreadful casualties amongst the Hampshires as they hit the beach near Le Hamel. The clear and precise text is backed up with some well thought out photographs, and some superb maps, 3D battlefield views and specially drawn colour illustrations.

Overall, an excellent follow up to the previous title and an excellent book to use on the ground today, to follow the events of sixty years ago. Highly recommended.

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