By Ken Ford

Osprey Publishing 2002 - ISBN 1 84176 366 7

96pp - Paperback - numerous b/w illustrations, numerous colour plates and maps.


The Osprey Campaign series is a well known and established bench-mark in studying the battles and campaigns of military history. The books are high quality, with well produced and clear illustrations, fine colour plates and maps, and always well researched.

Ken Ford has contributed several excellent titles in the series, and now he has turned his hand to the events of D Day. This volume looks at the landing of 3rd Division on Sword Beach, and 6th (Airborne) Division around Pegasus Bridge and Merville. As is usual in this series, the background is examined first and the story then moves on to the Airborne landings and the important role in securing the vital eastern flank. The book then looks at Sword Beach, and the problems involved in breaking the defences here. It ends with the German reaction to the landings, with the arrival of units from 21st Panzer and 12th SS (Hitlerjugend) Divisions. Backed up with good, clear illustrations and excellent maps, this is a superb study of one part of the Normandy landings. The section on the Battlefield Today offers some nice pointers for those interested in seeing the ground as it is today.

I understand further titles covering D Day are planned, and if they are as good as this one, Osprey will have given us some key studies to the invasion of Normandy. Highly recommend.

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