Betuws 'Island' War Museum

 Betuwe Island Museum

The 'Island' was the ground between Nijmegen and the Lower Rhine which XXX Corps reached at the end of Operation Market Garden. It became the front line during the winter of 1944/45 and many units served here among them the 43rd (Wessex) and 49th (Polar Bear) Divisions, and also US Airborne troops.

 Betuwe Island Museum

The museum is owned and run by Marcel ten Böhmer who has amassed an amazing collection of material relating to the fighting in the area. The museum is small so groups need to book in advance and Marcel made a group of veterans very welcome which I took there in September 2011. The museum is highly recommended.




Betuws Oorlogsmuseum ,,The Island" 1944 -1945
Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 36
6666 AL Heteren (Holland)

phone number: 0031 264722285
e-mail address: [email protected]


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