In The Shadow of Arnhem

By Ken Tout

 Sutton Publishing 2003 - ISBN 0 7509 2821 2 - xiv + 242 pp - Illustrated  - 19.99

Ken Tout is a WW2 veteran, who served in North-West Europe with the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry. He has written many WW2 books, and has an easy and accessible style. They are all the more interesting, given the fact that they are written from the perspective of someone who was there.

This new book looks at the operations in Holland; instead of looking at the much written about Airborne landings at Arnhem, the book looks at the ground war at this time. It gives some much needed publicity to some forgotten actions and units, who fought some bitter actions in Holland in 1944. Mixing in the author's own experiences with other first hand accounts, it is a very readable account.

An excellent book, from an author I hope has many more books left in him yet. Recommended.

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