D Day Commando

From Normandy to the Maas with 48 Royal Marine Commando

By Ken Ford

 Sutton Publishing 2003 - ISBN 0 7509 3023 3 - 194 pp - Profusely illustrated plus maps - 18.99

Ken Ford is a prolific writer on WW2 subjects, and I have never been disappointed with one of his books. This is no exception.

48 Royal Marine Commando was raised in March 1944, being the last commando unit formed in WW2. It landed on Juno Beach alongside the Canadians on D Day, and then held the vital Eastern Flank in Normandy until the breakout. It then helped clear the Channel Ports, and took part in the landings at Walchern in November 1944. It then served along the Maas river during the winter of 1944/45, and in April 1945 fought in Operation Bograt. It was disbanded in January 1946.

The book is more than a unit history; the author has interviewed many men who served with the 48 RM Commando, and their testimonies fill the book. They tell the war from the viewpoint of the average marine, and give some graphic accounts of the battles in Normandy and Holland. The text is supported by excellent and relevant photographes, which are fully sourced, and there are some useful maps. A real classic. My only minor criticism is that I would have liked to see a Roll of Honour and Honours and Awards.

Another superb book by one of our leading WW2 authors. Highly recommended.

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