By Phil Taylor & Pam Cupper

Kangaroo Press Ltd 1989

ISBN 0731809831 - 263 pages - A$21.80

On the Gallipoli Battlefields page of this site, I speculated that this book was long out of print and unavailable. Thanks to the Northants WFA Area Chairman, I have since been delighted to discover that this is not the case.

Taylor and Cupper's landmark volume was the first ever guidebook on this subject since T.J.Pemberton published Gallipoli To-Day in 1926. A comprehensive guide to the whole battlefield, every cemetery and memorial that existed when the book was researched is detailed. Useful tips, and how to get there plus routes around the battlefield are suggested, including ones on foot. In the case of CWGC cemeteries the authors analysed them in some detail, mentioning graves of interest and personalities buried there; they also provided the CWGC plan of the cemetery in each case as well.

In my mind perhaps the best ever guidebook to any battlefield, no visitor to Gallipoli is prepared without this book. Its influence continues to this day, most notably in the recent Holts guide.

I have found via the Net that the book can be ordered from Australian Online Bookshop. Their main web address is:

The URL for this specific book is:

They currently (January 2002) have it on offer for A$16.35 plus post to addresses outside of Australia. You can order online with your credit card. Please note that I have never used them myself, so cannot vouch for their service. If you do get the book from them let me know how you get on via email.

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