This week's thoughts: Preserving our Heritage
How many times do we hear in the press about an endangered Civil War site? Well, compared to threatened American Revolution sites, I'd say the Civil War, as usual, gets more press. We who are interested in our nation's beginnings should be aware that there are indeed many important sites and landmarks associated with the Revolution that are endangered. I'm not an expert on this subject, but here are some critical subjects that have come to my attention.

The Moland House: located in Warwick township, Bucks County, PA, this house served as headquarters for General Washington for a time in 1777. His visitors included the Marquis de Lafayette, Thomas Paine, and Alexander Hamilton. The site was under threat of demolition; you can learn of it's current status, and help to save it by reading more at the Moland House web page.

Also in Pennsylvania, the Paoli Massacre site was threatened by development. General Anthony Wayne's troops were surprised here in a night attack by British General Charles "no flint" Grey. Much of this area of eastern PA could be swallowed up by the Philadelphia exurb in the near future. Compare the Valley Forge/King of Prussia area today to what it was twenty years ago. If you'd like to help out, turn to theSave Paoli page.

Finally, if historic preservation interests you, please visit the National Trust for Historic Preservation site to learn about their efforts. Consider joining; it's a way to help preserve our past for future generations.