Powder Mills

Tennessee's manufacture of gunpowder, a quintessential element of modern warfare, can be traced back to the state's frontier days.  This tradition includes such personalities as Mary Patton, who produced powder during the American Revolution.  The Civil War once again called this tradition to the forefront of Tennessee's manufacturing effort.  With Tennessee's secession from the United States, the Confederate government scrambled to produce enough gunpowder to equip its fledgling army.

The following table represents our initial effort to identify powder mills in Tennessee.  As research proceeds, additional information will be added to enhance the comprehensives and detail of this aspect of Tennessee's Technological and Industrial heritage.

Tennessee Powder Mills
Manchester Powder Mill
Coffee County
Sycamore Mill
Cheatham County
Anderson Mill
Sullivan County
Dodgion [or Dodgian] Mill
Carter County
Samuel McSoadden Mill
Jefferson County
Powder Mills (Name Unknown)
Lawrence County
Nashville Powder Works
Davidson County


(Thanks to Nathan Kinser, assistant to the Research Coordinator, for the powder mills research used in these pages.)

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Last update:  December 8, 2000