A tribute to one of America's two great radio stations!

WKBW Radio
Buffalo, New York

50,000 watts of Rock 'n Roll

Although the original "KB" is no longer with us, WKBW continues to play in the memories of thousands of fans. With the growth of FM radio's popularity and with the coming of satellite based programming, the fate of many of the powerhouse AM radio stations was sealed. Although WKBW Radio went though several different programming formats, the rock 'n roll format from 1958 to 1988 was especially cherished by its fans. 

This was not just another radio station, but it was YOUR place to go and listen to the songs of the era. Remember that English homework assignment? How could anyone do THAT without Dick Biondi, Tom Shannon or Joey Reynolds talking in the background? Everyone listened, talked about, laughed and yes, sometimes even cried with the DJs and the events of the day. This was the place to get your local, regional and national news. Although "rude and crude" by today's standards, the hard pounding news delivery style created by Irv Weinstein was very effective. From zany DJs to outrageous contests WKBW Radio was an integral part of every teenager's life. At sundown with 50,000 watts of power and it's perfectly designed antenna, KB's signal would reach out to fans up and down the eastern seaboard and Canada.

This tribute was developed for you, the WKBW Radio fan! We thank each and everyone who has contributed air checks, photos and  historical information. If you would like the world to know that you are a "K-BIG" fan, please consider signing our guest book.

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