RBF Travel Poll

RBF web site plans to offer sightseeing trips to people interested in Russia's military history. With that in mind, we are conducting a poll of our visitors to find out about the demand for such services.

All questions and suggestions adress to Artem Drabkin

We received many replies. We thank you for your interest in Russian military history. We will
certainly take your wishes into account when developing tour routes. We hope to complete the
development of such routes no later than December 15. Please be patient.

Are you prepared to come to Russia to familiarise yourself with its military history?

How much time would you be willing to spend?

What season would be best for you?
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Other (write down) 

Which hotel would you like to stay at? 2 stars
3 stars
4 stars
5 stars

In your opinion, how many people should be in a group?

Are you willing to travel by train?

What historical period are you most interested in?

What cities would you be most interested to visit? Moscow
Volgograd (Stalingrad)
Other cities (write down) 

What would you like to see in Moscow? Kubinka
Federal Security Service Central Museum
Museum of Space and Rocket Technology
Stalin's bunker
Hall of Armaments
Central Air Force Museum in Monino, Moscow region
Central Armed Forces Museum
Memorial museum - office of Marshal G.K.Zhukov
Star City Cosmonautics Museum
Defence of Moscow Museum

What would you like to see in St.Petersburg? Mannerheim Line
Military-Historical Museum of Artillery
Kronshtadt Military-Historical Complex
A.V.Suvorov Memorial Museum
Defence and Siege of Leningrad Museum
Museum-submarine "Narodovolets"
Petropavlovsk Fortress

Would you like to meet with veterans of the Great Patriotic War?

Would you like to meet with veterans of Afghanistan and Chechnya?

Are you ready to spend some money to get an opportunity to fire some Russian weapons?

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