The 7.5 mm caliber "Parabellum" pistol was accepted by the Swiss army on May 4, 1900, under the name "Pistole, Ordonnanz 1900, System Borchardt-Luger." In 1903 Luger developed its new modification for 9x19 cartridge of his own invention. On December 12, 1904, the German naval command officially accepted the 9x19 mm "Naval model 1904, System Borchardt-Luger." From 1905 until 1918 the DWM company manufactured 81,250 pistols Model 1904 for the German navy. In 1906 Luger introduced a new model, and on August 22, 1908, "Pistol 08" was finally accepted by the German army under the name of "Pistol Parabellum, Model 1908." It was in serial production until 1947. More than two million pistols of minimum of 35 modifications were produced.
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