Hand Grenade F-1

Soviet hand grenade F-1, or "limonka" ("lemon"), belongs to anti-personnel fragmentation grenades of defensive type.
Externally, the grenade has an oval ribbed body made of steely iron. The ribbing was made for the purpose of producing
fragments of a certain size and mass during the explosion. The total weight of the grenade with the fuse is 600 grams.
Explosive charge -- TNT weighing 60 grams. The grenade's fuse is universal, fitting also in RG-41, RG-42, RGD-5 grenades.
The fuse's model is UZRGM. The possible throwing distance depends on the physical charateristics of the soldier and on
average amounts to 30-45 meters. The dispersion distance of the main mass of fragments is about 30 meters.