Alternate U S Highways : The Bannered Routes

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Photos by Rich Carlson (City 26), H.B. Elkins (Old 58), Alan Hamiton (Hist 89A), Alex Nitzman (Trk 222)

Bannered US routes have been in wide use since the early 1930's. Some of the earliest examples I have seen are the US 27A's in central Michigan in 1933. These banners have also been seen in the use of a suffix system: A for Alternate; B for Bypass (or more recently for Business); C for City and T for Temporary. Routes have been suffixed "T" since the 1920's. The primary source for this site was U.S. Numbered Highways - 1989 ed. by AASHTO. Additional information has been gathered from old road atlases and maps, information E-mailed to me, various websites posted by other people, and personal observations.

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Alternate Business By-Pass City Historic Old
Option Scenic Spur Temporary Toll Truck
There also may be US routes marked "Connector" in SC?

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Credits: Dave Backlin (AR)(MO)(OK), Mark Bozanich (WA), Rich Carlson (IL), Randy Coleman (AL)(GA), H.B. Elkins (KY), Jon Enslin (WI), Adam Froehlig (AL)(MS), Brandon Gorte (MI), Larry Hall (TX), Alan Hamilton (AZ), Jeremy Lance (AR), Brian Miller (NC), Dan Moraseski (NJ)(PA), Alex Nitzman (AL), Brian Powell (OH), James Schul (OH), Dan Stober (UT), Ed Wilson (GA)

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