This is the list of US highways as initially planned in 1925. The report is dated October 30, 1925 and was approved by the Secretary of Agriculture on November 18, 1925. This is the list the infamous 1926 Rand McNally Road Atlas was built from. Rand McNally is not alone in making maps based on this list, I have a 1926 AAA US map showing routes listed here. Odds are that any 1925-1926 map and many 1927 maps are based on this list. Routes are listed below in sequential order.

Symbology: (*) International boundary, (-) State line, (+) Road junction

Route From Via To Numbered in 1926 as . . .
US 2 Houlton, ME ME NH VT NY Rouses Point, NY US-2 (East leg)
US 2 Sault Sainte Marie, MI MI WI MN ND MT ID Bonners Ferry, ID US-2 (West leg)
US 3 Colebrook, NH NH MA Boston, MA US-3
US 4 Portsmouth, NH NH VT NY Ft. Edward, NY US-4
US 5 Derby Line, VT * VT MA CT New Haven, CT US-5
US 6 Provincetown, MA MA RI CT NY Brewster, NY US-6 (East leg) to Mill Plain, CT; then NY 37
US 7 Highgate Springs, VT * VT MA CT NY Mt. Vernon, NY US-7 to Canaan, CT; then CT 121 to NY 21 to Amenia, NY; then NY 22
US 9 Champlain, NY * NY NJ Abescon, NJ US-9 then US-9W then US-9
US 10 Detroit, MI MI Kalamazoo, MI
(Watervliet, MI)
US 10 Chicago, IL IL WI MN ND MT ID WA Seattle, WA US-12 to Eau Claire, WI; US-10 then US-10N then US-10
US 11 Rouses Point, NY NY PA MD WV VA TN GA AL MS LA New Orleans, LA US-11 to Pearl River, MS; then US-90
US 12 Detroit, MI MI Ludington, MI US-10 (East leg)
US 12 Manitowoc, WI WI MN SD ND MT Miles City, MT US-10 (West leg) to Eau Claire, WI; then US-12
US 13 Philadelphia, PA PA DE MD VA Cape Charles, VA US-13
US 13 Virginia Beach, VA VA NC Wilmington, NC US-117 to Norfolk; then US-17
US 14 Winona, MN MN SD Midland, SD US-14
US 15 Petersburg, VA VA NC Wilmington, NC US-17-1
US 16 Milwaukee, WI WI MN SD WY Worland, WY US-16 (West leg)
US 17 Bennetsville, SC SC Yemassee, SC US-601, then US-17
US 18 Detroit, MI MI Grand Haven, MI US-16 (East leg)
US 18 Milwaukee, WI WI IA Hull, IA US-18
US 19 Pittsburg, PA PA WV Gauley Bridge, WV US-19 (North leg) to Washington, PA; then US-40 to Uniontown, PA; then US-119 to Morgantown, WV; then US-19 (North leg)
US 20 Boston, MA MA NY PA OH IN IL IA NE WY ID OR Astoria, OR US-20 to Avon, NY; then NY-5 to Big Tree, NY; then US-20; then Yellowstone NP; then US-191; then US-91 to Pocatello, ID; then US-30N; then US-30 to Fruitland, ID; then US-30N to Cottrell, ID; then US 30 to Fruitland, ID; then US 30N to Payette, ID; then across an unnumbered bridge to Payette Jct., OR; then US-30
US 21 Cleveland, OH OH WV VA NC SC GA FL Jacksonville, FL US-21 to Yemassee, SC; then US-17
US 22 Elizabeth, NJ NJ PA OH Cleveland, OH US-22 to Reedville, PA; then an unnumbered road to Bellefonte, PA; then US-220 to Bald Eagle, PA; then US 322 to Dubois, PA; then US-119 to Home, PA; then US-422
US 23 Mackinaw, MI MI OH Portsmouth, OH US-23
US 24 Pontiac, MI MI OH IN IL MO Monroe City, MO US-24
US 25 Toledo, OH OH KY TN NC SC GA Augusta, GA US-25 then US-25W then US-25 then US-25W then US-25
US 26 Ogallala, NE NE WY Dwyer, WY + US-26
US 27 Cheboygan, MI MI IN OH Cincinnati, OH US-27
US 28 Ontario, OR OR Florence, OR US-28
US 29 Gastonia, NC NC SC GA AL Tuskegee, AL US-29
US 30 Atlantic City, NJ NJ PA WV OH IN IL IA NE WY UT Salt Lake City, UT US-30 to Granger, WY; then US-30S to Echo City, UT; then US-530; then US-40
US 31 Mackinaw, MI MI IN KY TN AL Mobile, AL US-31
US 32 Chicago, IL IL IA NE Omaha, NE US-32
US 34 Sheffield, IL IL IA NE Omaha, NE US-34
US 36 Indianapolis, IN IN IL MO KS Colby, KS US-36
US 38 Lincoln, NE NE CO Greely, CO US-38
US 40 State Road, DE DE MD PA WV OH IN IL MO KS CO UT NV CA San Francisco, CA US-40; then US-40N; then US-40 to Duchesne, UT; then an unnumbered road to Soldier Summit, UT; then US-50 to Thistle, UT; then US-89 to Springville, UT; then US-91 to Salt Lake City; then US-40
US 41 Powers, MI MI WI IL IN KY TN GA FL Naples, FL US-41
US 42 Cleveland. OH OH Cincinnati, OH US-42
US 45 Chicago, IL IL KY TN MS Meridian, MS US-45
US 46 Limon, CO CO Grand Junction, CO US-40S
US 48 Manteca, CA CA San Jose, CA US-48
US 49 Jackson, MS MS Gulfport, MS US-49
US 50 Annapolis, MD MD DC VA WV MD WV OH IN IL MO KS CO UT NV Wadsworth, NV US-50 (East leg); then US-50N; then US-50 (East leg) to Thistle, UT; then US-40 to Springville, UT; then US 91 to Santaquin, UT; then an unnumbered trail to NV; then NV-2 to Ely, NV; then US-50 (West leg) to Leetville, NV; then NV-2 to Wadsworth, NV
US 51 Hurley, WI WI IL KY TN MS LA New Orleans, LA US-51
US 52 Newport News, VA VA WV OH IN Fowler, IN US-60 to Huntington, WV; then US-52
US 53 Superior, WI WI MN IA Dubuque, IA US-53; then US-16 La Crescent, MN; then MN-44 to Prosper, MN; then US-55
US 54 Nevada, MO MO KS Dodge City, KS US-54; then US-154
US 60 Chicago, IL IL MO KS OK TX NM AZ CA Los Angeles, CA US-66
US 61 Grand Portage, MN * MN WI IA MO AR TN MS LA New Orleans, LA US-61
US 62 Ashland, KY KY MO Ozark, MO US-60 to Poplar Bluff, MO; then US-67 to Fairdealing, MO; then MO-42 to Alton; then MO-19 to Thayer, MO; then US-63 to Westplains, MO; then MO-40 to Osark, MO
US 63 Des Moines, IA IA MO AR Turrell, AR US-63
US 64 Conway, AR AR OK NM Des Moines, NM US-64
US 65 St. Paul, MN MN IA MO AR LA Vidalia, LA US-65
US 67 Fredericktown, MO MO AR TX Dallas, TX US-67
US 69 Leon, IA IA MO Kansas City, MO US-69
US 70 Moorhead City, NC NC TN AR OK TX NM AZ Holbrook, AZ US-70
US 71 International Falls, MN * MN IA MO AR LA Baton Rouge, LA US-71
US 73 Vinita, OK OK TX Dallas, TX US-73 to Atoka, OK; then US-75
US 74 Whiteville, NC NC Asheville, NC US-74
US 75 St. Vincent, MN * MN IA NE KS OK Henryetta, OK US-75
US 76 Wilmington, NC NC SC Greenville, SC US-17 to Florence, SC; then US-76
US 77 Omaha, NE NE KS OK TX Galveston, TX US-38 to Lincoln; then US-77; then US-75
US 78 Charleston, SC SC GA AL MS TN Memphis, TN US-78
US 80 Savannah, GA GA AL MS LA TX NM AZ CA San Diego, CA US-80
US 81 Pembina, ND * ND SD NE KS OK TX Laredo, TX US-81
US 85 Ambrose, ND * ND SD WY CO NM TX Bowie, TX US-85 to Raton, NM; then US-385 to Amarillo, TX; then US-66 to Washburn, TX; then US-370
US 87 Browning, MT MT WY Rawlins, WY US-87; then US-87W (North leg); then Yellowstone NP; then US-87W (South leg); then US-87
US 89 Thistle, UT UT AZ Flagstaff, AZ US-89
US 90 Jacksonville, FL FL AL MS LA TX Van Horn, TX US-90
US 91 Great Falls, MT MT ID UT AZ NV CA Bannock, CA US-91 to Las Vegas, NV; NV-5 to CA; then an unnumbered road
US 92 Daytona, FL FL Tampa, FL US-92
US 94 Miami, FL FL Naples, FL US-94
US 95 Eastport, ID * ID Payette, ID US-95; then US-30N
US 96 Rosenburg, TX TX Brownsville, TX US-96
US 97 Oroville, WA * WA OR Ashland, OR + US-97
US 99 Blaine, WA WA OR CA El Centro, CA US-99
US 101 Port Angeles, WA WA OR CA San Diego, CA US-101
US 102 Gladstone, MI
(Rapid River, MI)
MI Humboldt, MI US-41
US 109 Glens Falls, NY NY New York City, NY US-9E
US 110 Detroit, MI MI IN Elkhart, IN US-112
US 111 Harrisburg, PA PA MD Baltimore, MD US-111
US 112 Oshkosh, WI WI Fremont, WI US-110
US 113 Dover, DE DE MD Pocomoke, MD US-113
US 118 Dodgeville, WI WI Dickeyville, WI US-118
US 120 Shoshoni, WY WY Riverton, WY US-320
US 124 Peoria, IL IL Galesburg, IL US-124
US 127 Lansing, MI MI OH Toledo, OH US-127
US 130 Trenton, NJ NJ Camden, NJ US-130
US 131 Traverse City, MI MI White Pigeon, MI US-131
US 138 Big Spring, NE NE CO Sterling, CO US-138
US 140 Atlantic City, NJ NJ Penns Grove, NJ US-40
US 141 Green Bay, WI WI Milwaukee, WI US-141
US 150 New Albany, IN IN Shoals, IN + US-150
US 151 Fond du Lac, WI WI Madison, WI US-151
US 160 Baxter Springs, KS KS Independence, KS US-166
US 161 Dubuque, IA IA Keokuk, IA US-161
US 165 McGehee, AR AR LA Iowa, LA US-165
US 170 Lexington, VA VA NC Greensboro, NC US-60 to Lynchburg, VA; then US-170
US 180 Caballo, NM NM AZ Comet Peak, AZ US-180
US 181 Austin, TX TX Port Lavaca, TX TX-29
US 185 Laramie, WY WY CO Denver, CO US-285
US 187 Armington, MT MT WY Muddy Gap, WY US-87E
US 190 Slidell, LA LA Baton Rouge, LA US-190
US 191 Cotterell, ID ID UT Brigham, UT US-30S
US 192 Melbourne, FL FL Kissimmee, FL US-192
US 199 Grants Pass, OR OR CA Crescent City, CA US-199
US 201 Moose River, ME * ME Sandy Bay Twp., ME US-201
US 210 Carlton, MN MN Motley, MN US-210
US 211 Alexandria, VA VA New Market, VA US-211
US 218 Austin, MN MN IA Newhall, IA + US-218
US 220 Deaver, WY WY Cody, WY US-420
US 230 Lancaster, PA PA Harrisburg, PA US-230
US 231 Montgomery, AL AL FL Mariana, FL US-231
US 240 Frederick, MD MD DC Washington, DC US-240
US 241 Hopkinsville, KY KY TN Nashville, TN US-241
US 250 Baldwin City, KS KS Garden City, KS US-50S
US 260 Warner, OK OK Oklahoma City, OK US-266
US 270 Asheville, NC NC GA Lawrenceville, GA US-19 (South leg)
US 280 Ashfork, AZ AZ Phoenix, AZ US-89
US 285 Raton, NM NM Romero, NM US-85
US 301 Fredericksburg, VA VA Lee Hall, VA US-17
US 310 Laurel, MT MT WY Greybull, WY US-310
US 311 Roanoke, VA VA NC Aberdeen, NC US-311
US 320 Weiser, ID ID WA Weiser Jct., WA US-30N
US 330 Chicago, IL IL Geneva, IL US-330
US 340 Manhattan, KS KS CO Limon, CO US-40S
US 341 Perry, GA GA Brunswick, GA US-341
US 350 La Junta, CO CO Trindad, CO US-350
US 360 Amarillo, TX TX NM TX El Paso, TX * US-366
US 370 Socorro, NM TX  Las Cruses, NM US-85
US 380 Tuscon, AZ AZ Nogales, AZ US-89
US 401 South Hill, VA VA NC Sanford, NC US-401; then US-15
US 410 Lewiston, ID ID WA Aberdeen, WA US-410
US 411 Bristol, VA VA KY Corbin, KY US-411; then US-25E
US 420 Wallula, WA WA OR Umatilla, OR US-730
US 430 Geneva, IL IL Crystal Lake, IL + US-430
US 441 Ocala, FL FL Orlando, FL US-441
US 450 Walsenburg, CO CO UT Valley City, UT US-450
US 460 Los Lunas, NM NM Lajoya, NM + US-85
US 470 Williard, NM NM Albuquerque, NM US-470
US 501 Burkeville, VA VA NC Durham, NC US-501
US 511 Bristol, TN TN Strawberry Plains, TN US-511
US 530 Granger, WY WY ID McCammon, ID US-30N
US 550 Montrose, CO CO Durango, CO US-550
US 560 Cortez, CO CO NM Gallup, NM US-666
US 630 Echo City, UT UT Ogden, UT US-30S

There may have also been a US 121 in Ohio, southeast of Cleveland.

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United States Road Atlas 1926 Rand McNally
(1974 Reprint)
United States Road Atlas
1927 Rand McNally
United States Road Atlas 1928 Rand McNally

April 1927 1927 U.S. Highways: The approved plan. Click here to see what this planning created.

To the modern US highway system U.S. Highways: From US 1 to (US 830) The current US numbered highways.

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