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This famous and active corps, first unofficially known as "Rogers's Corps," was much reduced in strength in 1777, when it was placed under command of Captain Simcoe of the Grenadier Company of the 40th Foot, who was given the rank of Major. It consisted at that time of eight companies of riflemen and one company each of grenadiers, light infantry and Highlanders in their native dress. Thirty men were mounted in January 1778, and given a distinctive hussar dress. In 1780, three troops of Light Dragoons were added to the Corps, and Major Simcoe was given the rank of lieutenant colonel of cavalry.

At first, the infantry of the Corps wore cocked hats with white bindings, green coats and waistcoats faced with blue, white small-clothes and black linen spatterdashes in summer, and brown cloth gaiters reaching to the knee, in winter. In 1780, the entire infantry were given the black leather caps shown in the figure of the light infantry company, with exception of the Grenadier company, who retained their tall black cloth caps.

The feathers of green and white were worn only on dress occasions. Black was added to these feathers after the death of Major Andre, by order of General Clinton, as Major Simcoe had been entrusted with the secret orders issued at that time.

The Hussar Troop wore a short coatee with double row of pewter buttons, green breeches, short boots, and a high busby with green bag and were armed with pistols and sabers only. The Light Dragoons wore leather caps with black bearskin crest, green jackets, buckskin breeches and black top boots. They were armed like the Hussar Troop.

Sergeants were distinguished by silver lace around collar and cuffs, and a feather on their caps.

All the mounted men and the light infantry company wore white metal chain shoulder-straps. Black leather accouterments were furnished the Corps, in place of the buff or white belts worn by the regiments of the line.

The badge of the Corps was a small white metal crescent with QUEEN'S RANGERS engraved on it. This was worn on the front of the cap.

The campaign dress is shown in the figure of the light infantry man.

The figures in the picture, from left to right, represent: private of grenadier company, in full dress; private of hussar troop; sergeant of light dragoon troop, in campaign dress; private of light infantry company, in campaign dress; rifleman of battalion company.

Queen's Rangers, 1776-1783

Queen's Rangers, 1776-1783

[SOURCE: Uniforms of the Armies in the War of the American Revolution, 1775-1783. Lt. Charles M. Lefferts. Limited Edition of 500. New York York Historical Society. New York, NY. 1926.]

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