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The regular uniform of this regiment was red faced with dark blue, but we find that the entire British Army in Canada during the winter of 1776-77, or we might say Burgoyne's Army, was furnished for the severe cold weather with Canadian "capotes," or great coats of white wool trimmed with light blue woolen braids and bound with the same. These overcoats were fastened in front with three large bows or rosettes of the same blue braid. The cape or hood at the back was made of white melton, and it also was bound with blue braid.

The men wore caps of red cloth turned up at the base with brown fur, and ornamented on the back with a fur tail falling down over the neck. Their leggings or overalls were of thick blue cloth strapped under the shoe, and reaching well up to the waist. Their undercoat, a sort of waistcoat with sleeves, was made of white wool. Some of the regiments were given blue mittens, and others white or buff woolen gloves as shown in the drawing. Their equipment was the same as usual, and was worn over the capote. During this winter the entire army was taught how to use snowshoes.

[Journal of Captain Pausch (William L. Stone, ed., Munsell's Historical Series No. 14), pp. 93-94.]

Royal North British Fusileers
British Twenty-First Regiment of Foot, 1776 - 1777

Royal North British Fusileers

[SOURCE: Uniforms of the Armies in the War of the American Revolution, 1775-1783. Lt. Charles M. Lefferts. Limited Edition of 500. New York York Historical Society. New York, NY. 1926.]

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