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These Dragoons, known later as the 1st Continental Regiment of Light Dragoons, under the command of Colonel Theodorick Bland, were raised in various towns in Virginia in 1775, for service in that state. They were ordered to join Washington's Army in December, 1775, and at that time consisted of six troops under command of Major Bland, and were familiarly known in the army as the "Virginia Horse."

The uniform shown is that of Captain Bland's own troop.

Some of the companies were uniformed in blue coats faced with red, and others in brown faced with green. All had leather breeches and top boots. At first, their helmets were of leather with white horsehair crest, but later were of steel or brass, turned up at the base with black bearskin and had long flowing horse-hair crests of white or black imported from France, or captured from the enemy. They were armed at first with only the saber and pistols, but after 1777 had, in addition, carbines or short muskets with a sling.

In 1780, the regiment was commanded by Colonel Anthony Walton White, and afterwards was consolidated with the 3rd Cavalry under Lt. Col. William Washington. At this period, their full dress uniform was blue faced with white, but the fighting dress was of heavy or coarse white linen.

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Virginia Light Dragoons, 1776

Virginia Light Dragoons, 1776

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