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The 1st and 2nd Regiments of South Carolina were raised in June, 1775, for service in the Colony, but were soon taken into Continental service, and are perhaps best known for their defense of Fort Moultrie on Sullivans Island, where their flag of blue with the white crescent was shot away, and was caught up by Sergeant Jasper.

The uniform of the 2nd was blue faced with red and lined with white, with white linen waistcoats and breeches, and short black gaiters, in full dress, while on service they wore long linen overalls as shown. Their caps were of black leather with a small white thread tassel at the top, and the front ornamented with a silver or white metal crescent, rather smaller in proportion than shown in the picture, on which was engraved the initials of the man, and the words or motto "Liberty or Death." [According to Drayton, the word "Liberty" alone appeared on the crescents of the hat and of the regimental flag.]

The 1st Regiment of Infantry also wore blue faced with red, and had "ultima ratio" engraved on the crescent.

Both these regiments are well known to have been well equipped in every detail. Each regiment had two colors, one of blue and one of red silk, very beautifully embroidered, which were captured by the British.

The South Carolina Light Horse wore blue faced with white, and were well furnished.

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Second South Carolina Regiment of Infantry, 1776

Second South Carolina Regiment of Infantry, 1776

[SOURCE: Uniforms of the Armies in the War of the American Revolution, 1775-1783. Lt. Charles M. Lefferts. Limited Edition of 500. New York York Historical Society. New York, NY. 1926.]

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