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The Pennsylvania State Regiment of Foot was organized at the end of April, 1777, from the men and officers of Miles's rifle battalion and Atlee's musketry battalion. Colonel John Bull was appointed colonel on May 2, 1777, but was succeeded on June 17 by Colonel Walter Stewart. On June 10, 1777, the Pennsylvania Assembly, following the advice of the Supreme Executive Council of the state, transferred the state regiment to Continental service. Colonel Stewart called his regiment the Thirteenth Pennsylvania Regiment in his weekly return of October 27, and it was so designated and officially added to the Continental Line by a resolution of the Continental Congress dated November 12, 1777. The Thirteenth was incorporated with the Second Pennsylvania, July 1, 1778.

The men of the Pennsylvania State Regiment were clothed and equipped at least as early as the middle of June, 1777. Their uniform was blue faced and lined with red, with the letters P S R on the white pewter buttons.

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Pennsylvania State Regiment, 1777
Thirteenth Regiment of the Pennsylvania Line

Pennsylvania State Regiment, 1777

[SOURCE: Uniforms of the Armies in the War of the American Revolution, 1775-1783. Lt. Charles M. Lefferts. Limited Edition of 500. New York York Historical Society. New York, NY. 1926.]

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