Stalingrad - Stories From The Front.

20 great Stalingrad stories





Stalingrad, the decisive battle of World War II


20 great Stalingrad stories


The story of Corporal Nieweg (free chapter)

The krummer lauf (to fire around corners)

Pavlovís house

The German Stalingrad shield

Lieutenant Charnosovís last letter

Coelestin von Zitzewitz, spy of the German high command ?

The story of Alexei Petrov

Karlís last letter home

Lilya Vladimirovna Litvyak, the white rose of Stalingrad

The Stalingrad airlift

A story of small German shock troop units


Tania Chernova

Soldier Willi Brandt

Anton Dragan

The surrender of the 6.Army staff

The Stalingrad scapegoat

The long-range patrol to Astrachan

The penal battalions

The sniper story between Zaitsev and Konig