The battle for Stalingrad "The Battle for the Factories"


Dear Stalingrad-enthousiast!


Finally I can bring you the news that a new Stalingrad book is done.

Called "The Battle for Stalingrad - The Battle for the Factories", it is the translation of the German Stalingrad book that  appeared now nearly 3 years ago. At that time still many of the German veterans who participated on the book were still alive. Forword is written by my best friend Joachim Stempel, who sadly died much to early!


It has colour pictures of the battle as from after the battle. Also it contains lot of private pictures from many of the veterans themselves.


The cover contains a "smashing" picture of the fightings in Stalingrad area, a new picture out of the private collection of the 24th Pz. Div. men who was a forward observer with the leading attacking elements!


Below you find the foreword by Joachim Stempel (Oberst a.D. BW). Joachim Stempel was the son of Generalleutnant Richard Stempel who was killed in action at Stalingrad on 26 January 1943. Joachim Stempel survived Russian captivity after he was captured by the Red Army at Stalingrad.


Hans J. Wijers.



Since August 1942 the attack of the 6th Army assaulted Stalingrad. Now it has this important industrial city in an iron grip. After the last combat in September the Battle for Stalingrad now enters the winter. The Grenadiers partially stand in the city centre of the Stalingrad. The regiments of the 71st Infantry Division (General von Hartmann) have

penetrated deeply into the inner city and have reached the banks of the Volga there. In the south - as well as in the north armoured units (16th Panzer Division and 24th Panzer Division) have taken positions in the Stalingrad suburbs and there stop the Russians who are attacking continuously.


Now the northern part of Stalingrad, where the Russians still hold the bigger industrial estates, is to be the scene of the decisive attack. The last positions of the Russians are to be taken from both south and north. Before the onset of winter Stalingrad is to be in German hands.


In this book the adventures and experiences of eyewitnesses, who took part in the big battle for Stalingrad, after more than 60 years are put to paper. Many of these men, who only now discuss their adventures and fates of those days for the first time, once again lived through the battle as part of this.


Of course this account is not without gaps. Decades have passed since the battle for Stalingrad and of many units there are no more witnesses. Yet all units that fought in this sector are honoured.


The author has tried to let still surviving Stalingrad veterans speak or use reports and accounts from legacies to illustrate the pitiless harshness and merciless brutality of the battle - as it was usual at the time.


In memory of all those who remained behind in Stalingrad.