The 62nd Army
Part of the Stalingrad Front
Defenders of Stalingrad








Picture taken at the HQ of  62nd Army : 
1st row : left to right : 
I.W. Wassil'jev : Political Commissar of 62nd Army.
Commander Lieutenant-General V.I. Chuikov.
Commander of the Don Front K.K. Rokossovskij.
Representive of the Hight Command General-Major of 
Artillery N.M. Pozharskij

2nd row :  left to right : 
Colonel W. M. Lebedew,
Lieutenant General of the Artillery W. I. Kazakov,
General-Major K. F. Telegin,
K. A. Gurov,
General-Major N. I. Krylov.
January 1943