Order nr. 4 to the Forces of the Stalingrad and South-west Fronts



1 September 1942 
The Army in the Field 


Comrade fighters, commanders and political workers, heroic defenders of Stalingrad!

The bitter fighting for the city of Stalingrad has been raging for months. The Germans have
lost hundreds of tanks and planes. Hitler's brutalised hordes are advancing towards Stalingrad
and the Volga over mountains of dead bodies of their own men and officers.

Our Bolshevik Party, our nation, our great country, have given us the task not to let the
enemy reach the Volga, to defend the city of Stalingrad. The defence of Stalingrad is of
decisive importance for the whole Soviet front.

Without sparing our strength and with scorn for death, we shall defy the Germans the way
to the Volga and not give up Stalingrad. Each one of us must bear in mind that the capture
of Stalingrad by the Germans and their advance to the Volga will give our enemies new
strength and weaken our own forces.

Not one step back!

The War Council expects unlimited courage, tenacity and heroism in the fight with the
onrushing enemy from all the fighters, commanders and political workers, from all the
defenders of Stalingrad. The enemy must and will be smashed on the approaches to
Stalingrad. Forward against the enemy! Up into the unremitting battle, comrades,
for Stalingrad, for our great country !

Death to the German invader!


Commander-in-Chief of 
Stalingrad and South-west Front 
Signed :
Colonel General A. Yeremenko 


Member of the War Council of
Stalingrad- and South-west Front
Signed :
Lieutenant General N. Khrushchev