The Crew of the USS YOSEMITE

by Miguel Hernandez


The following contains info. on the crew of the USS YOSEMITE, an auxiliary cruiser manned by members of the Michigan Naval Brigade, a unit of the United States Naval Militia. The vessel saw action several times during the war.


Forty-six members of the USS YOSEMITE were faculty, students or alumni of the University of Michigan and many of them also belonged to the elite Detroit Club of that city. Few other U.S. Naval ships had so many prominent and highly educated sailors on its crew list, though high education was typical of many of the United States Naval Militia units. Many of those who served on USS YOSEMITE  went on to distinguish themselves in private business and public service.

Two of her crew  became Secretaries of the Navy; Lt. Truman H. Newbury and Chief Gunner's Mate Edwin Denby. Newbury also served as U.S. Senator and Denby as U.S. Congressman. The latter resigned from the Congress when theU.S. entered WWI and joined the Marine Corps as a private and was discharged with the rank of General. Chief Coxswain's Mate Henry B. Joy returned to the business world and became one of the principal organizers and president of the Packard Motor Company. Ordinary Seaman J. Walter Drake also entered the automobile manufacturing business after the war. He was president of the Hupp Motor Co.

Chief Gunner's Mate Edwin Denby

One of the most distinguished Yosemite sailors was  Landsman Albert H. Stanley. He was a public transportation specialist employed by the Detroit United Railway. After the war he  served as Managing Director of the Public Service Corporation of NJ. Then he was called upon to reorganize the underground railway system of the Grand Omnibus Co. of  London, England. For this achievement,  he was knighted as Sir Albert by King George V. Chief Engineer Mortimer Cooley returned to his teaching duties at the University of Michigan and in 1903 he became Dean of the School of Engineering.


Names with an asterisk were associated with the University of Michigan. The majority of the crewmen were members of the Michigan Naval Brigade.


Ammerman, John C. * Ordinary Seaman
Anderson, Chris  Coal Passer
Anneke, Edward E. * Ordinary Seaman
Atwood, Sylvester P. Chief Petty Officer Chief Machinist
Bagley, Paul Fredrick Seaman
Bain, John E. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Baker, George B. Petty Officer 2nd Class Yeoman
Baker, John E. Ordinary Seaman
Baldwin, Lyman R. Ordinary Seaman
Ballard, James A. Seaman
Beamer, George H. Seaman
Beamount, John W. Seaman
Bearly, James E. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Beck. Albert L. Petty Officer-1st. Class Sailmaker's Mate
Becker, Henry R.  Coal Passer
Becker, Theodore A. Seaman
Belman, Frank M.  Fireman-1st. Class
Bernart, Eugene T. Seaman
Berry, George P. Petty Officer-1st. Class Machinist
Bird, John C.  Coal Passer
Bland, Joseph E. * Seaman
Blome, Alfred R. Seaman
Bonheyo, John Robert  Mess Attendant
Borbonnais, Wilfred O. Seaman
Bornhoff, Paul A. Ordinary Seaman
Botsford, Claude E. Landsman
Bowen, Jeremiah J. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Boyd, Raymond Landsman
Boyle, John Watt Landsman
Brodhead, Richard T. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Coxswain
Bromley, Elmer  Coal Passer
Brown, Earl V. * Landsman
Brush, Herbert S. Ordinary Seaman
Buckley, Henry Seaman
Buckley, James P. Seaman
Bunce, John L.  Asst. Paymaster
Burke, George F. * Ordinary Seaman
Burns, Daniel f. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Burns, John Ensign Watch & Division Officer
Bush, Willis E. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Coxswain
Campau, Alexander M.  Ordinary Seaman
Campau, Melancthon * Petty Officer-1st. Class Water Tender
Carpenter, John Lewis Seaman
Case, Mont. H Seaman
Chandler, George M * Ordinary Seaman
Chapman, Charles W. * Ordinary Seaman
Choice, William Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Clark, Jethro K. First Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps
Clark, William A. Petty Officer-1st. Class Quartermaster
Clarkin, John Seaman
Coffin, Irving J. Seaman
Cole, Darius Seaman
Connery, William S *. Seaman
Connors, John J. Fireman-1st. Class
Cook, Percy T. * Seaman
Cooley, Mortimer E. * Lieutenant Chief Engineer
Cotter, Stephen M. Fireman-2nd. Class
Cowles, Charles H. Landsman
Creen, James Edward Landsman
Cressy, William D.  Coal Passer
Crowell, Israel M Petty Officer-1st. Class Blacksmith
Crowley, Jeremiah Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Cummings, Henry P.  Coal Passer
Darcy, Joseph B. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Davidson, Douglas Petty Officer-1st. Class Blacksmith
Demorest, Ezra H. Ordinary Seaman
Denby, Edwin * Petty Officer 3rd. Class Gunner's Mate
Derry, Edward J. Petty Officer-1st. Class Coppersmith
Diack, Archibald W. * Seaman
Doan, Harry B. Petty Officer-1st. Class Boatswain's Mate
Drake, John Walter Ordinary Seaman
Ducharme, Alfred J. Seaman
Duffield, Divie B. Petty Officer-1st. Class Boatswain's Mate
Dumas, William Fireman-1st. Class
Dwyer, Joseph L. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Yeoman
Eaton, Fredrick Ensign Watch & Division Officer
Eberts, Alfred E. Landsman
Eckert, Frank A. Fireman-2nd. Class
Edwards, Charles Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Emory, William H. Commander Commading
Engel, Ernest  Mess Attendant
English, Thomas H. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Eustis, George P. Ensign Captain's Clerk
Ewing, George A. Fireman-2nd. Class
Fairbanks, Charles M.   Ship Cook 1st. Class
Fales, Bingsley R. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Quartermaster
Flint, Albert W.  Ordinary Seaman
Foljan, August H.  Coal Passer
Ford, Edward W.  Coal Passer
Foster, John Fireman-1st. Class
Foster, William M. Seaman
Fox, William B. Ordinary Seaman
Frothingham, William B Seaman
Gage, George S. Ordinary Seaman
Gage, William H Landsman
Ganey, George H. Landsman
Gaylord, Frank B. Ensign Watch & Division Officer
George, Ransom G. * Landsman
Gillete, George F. * Seaman
Gilmore, Allen P. * Seaman
Gleason, William Petty Officer-1st. Class Boilermaker
Gleeson, Dennis Fireman-1st. Class
Godfrey, David F Petty Officer-1st. Class Painter
Goldie, William P. Ordinary Seaman
Goldsmith, William G. Landsman
Goodby, James H. Jr. Seaman
Gould, George F. Fireman-1st. Class
Graug, George E. Cpl. U.S. Marine Corps
Gray, William  Pay Clerk
Green Andrew H. Chief Petty Officer Chief Machinist
Greinshaber, Joseph Jr.  Mess Attendant
Groesbeck, William C. Landsman
Guillotte, George B. Ordinary Seaman
Hammond, Fredrick Chief Petty Officer Chief Master-at-Arms
Hargreaves, Charles R. Ordinary Seaman
Harris, Samuel S. * Petty Officer 2nd Class Gunner's Mate
Hasket, George Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Hastings, Lalen Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Hays, William E. Bugler U.S. Marine Corps
Hecker, Frank C. * Petty Officer 2nd. Class Boatswain's Mate
Henchman, James A Seaman
Hendrie, Strathearn Ensign Watch & Division Officer
Hess, Harris Landsman
Hewitt, James E. Fireman-2nd. Class
Heyerman, Charles F. Seaman
Higgs, Herbert J. Ordinary Seaman Bugler
Hill, Benjamin F. Drummer U.S. Marine Corps
Hinchman, Theodore H. * Chief Petty Officer Chief Machinist
Hodges, Benjamin R Petty Officer 2nd. Class Oiler
Hodson, Henry Ordinary Seaman
Holland, Robert T. * Chief Petty Officer Chief Yeoman
Holland-Moritz, Charles Ordinary Seaman
Hopkins, Victor C. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Horton, Bryson D. * Petty Officer-1st. Class Gunner's mate
Howe, William H. Fireman-1st. Class
Howell, Charles A Seaman
Hutchison, Loomis * Landsman
Hutton, Harrison H. Jr. * Chief Petty Officer Chief Gunner's Mate
Ibershoff, Adolph E. Ordinary Seaman
Irvine, John C. Landsman
Jackson, George H. Fireman-2nd. Class
Jackson, Henry W. Fireman-2nd. Class
Janke, Albert F. Landsman
Janke, William F.  Coal Passer
Jewett, Edward H. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Gunner's Mate
Jones, George W.  Cabin Steward
Joy, Henry, B. * Chief Petty Officer Chief Boatswain's Mate
Joyce, John P. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Judson, John W. * Seaman
Keena, Leo J. * Ordinary Seaman
Kelly Timothy Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Kennard, Herbert H. Petty Officer-1st. Class Plumber
Kennedy, Edward H. Landsman
Kennedy, Frank L.. Landsman
Kessler, Allan H. * Landsman
King, Charles B. Chief Petty Officer Chief Machinist
King, Edward L. Ordinary Seaman
King, John E. Landsman
Kirschner, Richard G. * Seaman
Landon, Benjamin P. Fireman-2nd. Class
Larrowway,Claude M. Fireman-1st. Class
Larson, Charles C. Cpl. U.S. Marine Corps
Leach, Prescott A.  Ordinary Seaman Bayman
Leach, Robert  Mess Attendant
Lee, Robert W.  Coal Passer
Leonard, Henry N. Ordinary Seaman
Leonard, Orvice R.  Landsman
Limback, Walter M. Ordinary Seaman
Linn, Robert s. Ordinary Seaman
Lothrop, Cyrus E. Lieutenant (J.G.) Watch & Division Officer
Loud, Henry Kimball * Seaman
Lount, William F.  Coal Passer
Lozon, George H. Petty Officer-1st. Class Water Tender
Luke, George C.  Coal Passer
Lyster, Henry L.* Seaman
MacLeod, Edward, W. Ordinary Seaman
Magurn, Fredrick G. Landsman
Main, George A. Seaman
Malaske, George  Coal Passer
Malone, Henry J. * Landsman
Marymont, Louis A. Ordinary Seaman
Massnick, Fredrick C. Petty Officer 2nd Class Machinist
Massy, Wade H. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
May, Samuel A. Seaman
McAdam, Archibald D. Ordinary Seaman
McArthy, John W. Fireman-2nd. Class
McCauless, William J. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
McDonald, John R.  Ward Room Cook
McDonald, Robert G. Chief Petty Officer Chief Carpenter's Mate
McGlynn, Joseph W. Fireman-2nd. Class
McGuire, Bernard Landsman
McLaughlin, George  Mess Attendant
McMillan, Harold D. Chief Petty Officer Chief Yeoman
Mehlman, August  Asst. Engineer
Merritt, Joseph F. Fireman-1st. Class
Mershon, John D. Petty Officer 2nd. Class Boatswain's Mate
Miller, Adam W.  Coal Passer
Miller, Charles Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Moiser, Oliver W. Seaman
Moody, Edward T. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Moore, Albert S. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Moran, Willam A. Seaman
Morrell, Albert S. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Morris, George E. Ordinary Seaman
Muir, Alexander M Seaman
Munger, Willam A.  Seaman
Murray. Alfred H. Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps
Murrin, thomas P. Seaman
Myers, Alfred C. Fireman-2nd. Class
Myers, James Fireman-1st. Class
Nall, Edwin B. Seaman
Neumann, B.S. Lieutenant U.S. Marine Corps
Newberry, John S. Chief Petty Officer Chief Quatermaster
Newberry, Truman H. Lieutenant (J.G.) Watch & Division Officer
Newcomb, Howard R. Landsman
Nichols, John T. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Gunner's Mate
O'Conner, Marr * Seaman
O'Day, Warren M. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Carpenter's Mate
O'Donohue, Martin J. Fireman-2nd. Class
Oliver, Emanuel  Ward Room Steward
Owen, George S. Seaman
Owen, Samuel F. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Master-at-Arms
Owen, william B. Landsman
Parker, Burton D. Landsman
Parker, Delos L. * Lieutenant Passed Asst. Surgeon
Parker, Walter R. * Ensign Watch & Division Officer
Partridge, Charlton E. Landsman
Patterson, George M. Ordinary Seaman
Pell, James B. * Landsman
Penny, Henry C. Chief Petty Officer Chief Yeoman
Peters, James John Fireman-2nd. Class
Phelps, Arthur Ordinary Seaman
Pickering, Clarence H, Landsman
Potter, Arthur Seaman
Pottinger, James H. * Seaman
Quigley, Edward Fireman-1st. Class
Quinn, Michael Landsman
Quinn, Thomas Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Rathbone, Charles Albert Petty Officer 3rd. Class Coxswain
Reschke, Frank E. Landsman
Rhul, Adolph Fireman-2nd. Class
Rich, George F.  Ship Cook 4th. Class
Riffin, Rueben R. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Robison, Richard B. Ordinary Seaman
Rogers, Charles C. Fireman-2nd. Class
Ruch, Fredrick C. Petty Officer 2nd. Class Gunner's Mate
Rusco, James Coal Passer Coal Passer
Russel, Albert W. * Seaman
Russell Henry L. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Coxswain
Ryan, Charles M. Fireman-1st. Class
Ryan, Edward J. * Petty Officer 2nd. Class Machinist
Ryan, William H. Fireman-1st. Class
Sager, Albert Ordinary Seaman
Sargent, Nathan Lieutenant Executive Officer
Scheib, John P. Landsman
Schribner, Harry D. Fireman-1st. Class
Schulte, Rudolph M. Fireman-1st. Class
Schwab, Robert  Sgt. U.S. Marine Corps
Schwan, Victor E. Seaman
Sherman, Frank W.  Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Shipman Ernest J. Ordinary Seaman
Shurley, Burt R. Chief Petty Officer Apothecary
Sibley, Mark Miller Petty Officer-1st. Class Water Tender
Siebel, Herbert S. Seaman
Simpson, Joseph  Coal Passer
Smith, Edward P.  Seaman
Smith, Georg H. Seaman
Smith, James T. Lieutenant Navigator
Smith, Lewis Petty Officer 2nd. Class Quartermaster
Smith, Russell C. Petty Officer-1st. Class Machinist
Snow, Muir B. * Ordinary Seaman
Sousie, Daniel Landsman
Sprague, William R. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Standart, Henry W. * Seaman
Standish, Fredrick D. Ensign Watch & Division Officer
Stanley, Albert H.  Landsman
Steeker, William A. Landsman
Steele, Albert L. Fireman-1st. Class
Steele, John Petty Officer 2nd. Class Quartermaster
Sterling, James T. Jr. Ordinary Seaman
Stillwell, Stephen S. Ordinary Seaman Shipwright
Stratton, William B Petty Officer 3rd. Class Quartermaster
Stringham, Joseph S. Landsman Jack-o-Dust
Sutphin, Arthur E. Landsman
Sutton, Walter E. Petty Officer 2nd. Class Machinist
Symons, James S. * Ordinary Seaman
Tausendfreund, Gustav Fireman-1st. Class
Taylor. Frank L.  Coal Passer
Thomas, Robert L. Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Thomas, William H.  Cabin Cook
Tilden, Henry C. Landsman Lamplighter
Tilton, McLane Jr. * Ordinary Seaman
Tousey. Morris R. Seaman
Tow, Charles (Fau Yoo)  Laundryman
Tyrell, Albert P.  Mess Attendant
Ward, Bert Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Warner, Edward L. Seaman
Weber, Charles H. Petty Officer 3rd. Class Coxswain
Welz, Walter E. * Landsman
Wetzel, Ernest H. * Ordinary Seaman
White, Henry Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
White, William Pvt. U.S. Marine Corps
Whiteside, Edwin O.  Mess Attendant
Whitney, Granger Seaman
Widman, Charles H. Landsman
Wight, Louis D. Seaman
Wilkes, Gilbert * Lieutenant Watch & Division Officer
Williams, Burt L. Ordinary Seaman
Winter, George C. Landsman
Witbeck, Ernest S. Petty Officer-1st. Class Gunner's Mate
Wolf, fred B. Jr. Landsman
Wurzur, Louis C. Ordinary Seaman
Yemans, Clinton C. Fireman-2nd. Class
Young, George  A.  Mess Attendant


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Cooley, Mortimer R. Unedited notes, List of Michigan University Men on U.S.S. Yosemite

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