Why We Moved the Website!
Reading the title makes it sound like we had a choice! We didn't!

The website had been on the web hosting service known as "simplenet" for about two years. In that amount of time, it has grown tremendously, and is now one of the top historical websites world wide, according to many search engines. Unfortunately, simplenet was purchased by Yahoo. Yahoo decided that it wanted to eliminate the simplenet name from the website addresses, and convert all simplenet websites to Yahoo websites (with an increase in monthly fee to boot). This means that the URL had to change. The choice was not ours, but was required of us.

As part of the bargain, Yahoo did offer to forward people to the new website location for a period of six months (which means that, basically, for six months there will be two identical websites - one at the new location and one at the old location. After six months, in early May, 2001, the old URL will disappear, and only the new will remain). If we did not move the website now, this offer would expire. At least, this is will give our readers a way to find us.

We do apologize to the many (and the numbers is into the hundreds) of folks who had our site linked and who will have to make changes. We also apologize to the several hundred people who have us bookmarked and check us daily.

Thank you for bearing with the change.

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