A list of Spanish American War Veterans buried in
Marquette County, Michigan

Contributed by John Gorto,
Grave Registration Officer, Camp #266 of Sons of Union Veterans

John Gorto has contributed a list of Spanish American War Veterans buried in his area (Marquette County). As he finds more, he will update us!

Names of SA veterans buried in the Negaunee Cemetery, Negaunee Michigan ( Marquette County)

1.John Larson-6th. Mi. Inf. 1st. Sgt.
2.Albert Yearkey-17th. U.S. Inf. Pvt. (could be vet of SA war.) has military stone.
3.John Mc Auliff-34th. MI. Inf. Co. L
4.Henry Koester Jr.-no unit but military stone and SA vet flag holder.
5.Frank Muck-34th. MI. Inf. Co. D
6.John Clark-35th. MI. Inf. Co.E
7.Arthur Carr-listed as Span Am. Vet in sextons book.
8.Emanuel Stephens-34th. MI. Inf. Co. H
9.Atthur J. Carlson-Listed as Span Am. Vet in sextons book.
10.Edward Myotte-34th. MI. Inf. Co. L
11.Delore Trotochaud-34th. Mi. Inf. Co. L
12.John Hegerty-34th. MI. Inf. Co. L

Names of Span Am. Vets in Ishpeming  Cemetery, Ishpeming Michigan (Marquette Co. )

1.Patrick Coughlin-no unit but has Span. Am. Flag holder.
2. John Smelce-no unit but has “                                       “
3.O.A. Husby-34th. MI. Inf. Co. A

Names of Span. Am. Vets. In Park Cemetery, Marquette Michigan (Marquette Co. )

1.John A. Flaherty-6th. Mo. Inf. Co. C Sgt.Mary
2.Mary Jane berryman-Nurse
3.Robert Foulkes-no unit given
4.Carl W. Peterson-no unit given
5. Joseph P. Shepard-no unit given
6.Robert L. Young-34th. Mi. Inf. Col.
7.Walter Peters 34th. Mi. Inf. Col.
8.Steeb-no other info on stone, just flag holder.
9.Lewis B. Curtis-no unit given
10.Frank G. Jenks-32nd. MI. Inf.Co. G Sgt.
11.Olive Pendhill-MI. Nurse U.S. Army Span Am. War.
12.Joseph Martin—no unit given
13.Duncan A.McPherson-34th. MI. Inf. Co.L

Names of Span. Am Vets in Holy Cross Cemetry Mqrquette Michigan. (Marquette Co.)

1.Paris Dolphise-no unit given
2.Henry Graff-no unit given
3.Gottschalk-no first name,no unit given
4.Edward Cline-no unit given
5.Antoine Lemieux-could be vet. No unit given
6.Papin-no name no unit given,just marker
7.Joseph Currie-30th. U.S. Vol. Inf. Pvt.
8.Joseph O. Lambert-34th. MI. Inf. Co. E
9.George A. Johnson-just flag holder
10.Nicolas J. Fezzy-34th.MI. Inf. Co. G Pvt.
11.John Mc Carthy-no unit given
12. Wilford Murry-34th. Mi. Inf. Co.L

Names of Span. Am. Vets. Buried in Champion Cemetery, Champion Michigan. (Marquette Co.)

1.Gust H. Horngren-34th. MI. Inf. Co. L
2.Albert F. Larson-34th. MI.Inf. Co. L

Names of Span Am. Vets. Buried in Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Champion Michigan (Marquette Co.)

1.William Villeneuve-34th. Mi. Inf. Co.L

Name of Span Am. Veteran in Gwinn Cemetery, Gwinn Michigan (Marquette  Co.)

1.Clarence Steede-No unit given.

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