Spanish American War Spanish Campaign Army Service Medal
By Patrick McSherry


The Spanish Campaign Army Service medal was issued by the United States government to all members of the the U.S. Army who served at least 90 days during the period of the Spanish American War in locations other than the theater of operations (and could not receive the Spanish Campaign medal).

The front side (left, above) has the statement "FOR SERVICE IN THE SPANISH WAR" in the front of the keystone. A sheathed knife is slung from the keystone. Surrounding the keystone appears to be a laurel wreath.

The reverse side (right, above) shows the Great Seal of the United States. The Great Seal is flanked to the left by the crossed rifles of the infantry, to the right by the crossed sabers of the cavalry, and below by the crossed cannons of the artillery. A scroll is placed where it can be engraved if desired. The background appears to be a laurel wreath.


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