K Troop, 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry

Organizational Structure and Requirements

1. Membership is on an individual level.  All applicants for membership must be 18 years of age or older, complete a membership form and a release of liability.  Meet the minimum uniform requirements and attend one event per year.  The applicant must be nominated for membership and approved by the vote of the standing membership.

2. Rank with the unit is per the following table.  Positions are elected annually by vote of the standing membership.

1 ea.  Captain
1. ea. 2nd Lt.
1. ea. lst Sgt.
1. ea.  Saddler Sgt.
I ea. Quartermaster Sgt.
I ea. Cpl.
1 ea. Trumpeter

3. Duties of offices:

a. Captain, overall responsibility of the club administration, conduct of events, actions of individual members at events, contact with other organizations, authenticity and safety at events.  Certain of the duties may be delegated in whole or in part.  The Captain will schedule all events in advance as far as possible.

b. 2nd Lt., delegated authority to assign details and extra duties at events.  Specific duty to inspect all live and blank ammo and weapons. Specific duty to oversee that all safety requirements are met at any organizational function.  Duties shall default to the senior leader in the absence of the Captain and can be reassigned to other membership.  He delegated authority to oversee all mess arrangements, health and sanitation precautions and police of event sites.  Shall assign bivouac areas and set bivouac assignments.

c. lst Sgt., represent the unit in club business and its leader at events., delegated responsibility for safety and authenticity within in that unit and the conduct of its members at the events.

d. Saddler Sgt., delegated authority to oversee all mounted events.  Specific duty to inspect and coordinate all mounts and mounted equipment for an event for authenticity.  Specific duty to oversee the mounts as to safety, health, and transportation.

e. Quartermaster Sgt., accountability for club funds and property including receipts, purchases and expenditures.  Delegated authority to purchase and transport company supplies and equipment.  Specific duty to publish a quarterly account of club funds detailing all transactions. Specific duty to maintain membership and release forms.

f. Cpl., delegated authority to assist the Saddler Sgt. and the lst Sgt. in the planning and organization of club events.  Assist with the safety and authenticity of all events.

g. Trumpeter, delegated authority to oversee the planning and implementation of music and bugle calls used at all events.  Will be responsible for authenticity of music and bugle calls used.

3. Club meeting will be held to discuss and vote upon all matters directly concerning the group.  Annual meetings will be held in the month of January. to elect officers and schedule events.  Additional meeting will be held at events.  Should any member wish, an additional meeting shall be called at his or her request.  A quorum shall consist of 60% of the paid membership.  All opinions are welcomed and are encouraged to be actively presented.  The main consideration of this organization is education and we are all learning together.

4. Dues of $10.00 annually are required of all members.  Dues will be paid to the Quartermaster Sgt. no later than April 1, of each year, or within 30 days of acceptance of a new member.  The $10.00 membership dues are not pro-rated.  Example: if a new member pays the dues in December, the $10.00 ' will be due again April I of the next year.  The Quartermaster Sgt. will furnish a receipt on request.

5. Fees charged for shooting events will into the K Troop, Ist U.S.V. account via the Quartermaster Sgt.

6. Uniform and equipment requirements:

It is a requirement that all members obtain uniforms and equipment appropriate for their presentations.  U.S. Volunteers military portrayals must represent the unit between 1898 and 1902.  An impression should be supported by photographs, government records, or narratives.

a. Equipment must be obtained within a period of 2 years of placing membership.  Although equipment may vary,, it should remain within the following guidelines.

1. Minimum Beginning Uniform:

 Pre-1902 Campaign Hat
Dark Navy Blue campaign shirt
Pre-1903 Canteen
Canvas Leggings (14-16" tall)
1899 Blue Mills Cartridge Belt
Gold Duck Trousers/Suspenders
A Gold Duck Matching Jacket is optional

2. End of first year:

1898 Haversack
1895 Cup
1895 Pre 1918 Mess Kit and Utensils
Grey Blanket (Wool)
.30-40 Krag Carbine

3. End of second year:

Pistol and Holster (5 1/2" or 7" S.A.A.) McClellan Saddle (if Mounted)
Saddle Sags (if Mounted) Poncho

b. An equipment supplier list will be kept by the Quartermaster Sgt. and mass orders for equipment will be placed when it is deemed that discounts for the membership can be made.

7. These rules may be amended at any time by the membership with a 75% vote of the total membership.

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