K Troop, 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry

Recruitment Form

K Troop, 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry is a volunteer organization with the purpose of informing the general public and interested persons about the time period of the Spanish American War and the Phillipine Inserection (1898 - 1902).

This is accomplished by teaching through "Living History".  Each Trooper will learn about the time period and the 1st United States Cavalry (Rough Riders).  They will in turn teach the general public by example in acts and speech to convey the sense of seeing live historical events (no matter how small).  There are no "characters" that a Trooper will become.  They will be generic in that they could fit into that time period without taking on a persona.

Dues to become a member of K Troop are $10.00 per year.  This is used for the expenses from mailing a newsletter on a monthly basis to the membership.

A member must only attend one (1) function per year.  A member must have a presentable uniform that closely reproduces the Rough Rider Uniform.  New members will be given time (6 months) to put together a uniform.

When firearms are used, all directions will be followed and safety will come first. All firearms, blanks and dummies will be inspected by staff before use.

K Troop not only represents themselves as Rough Riders, but the Texas State Railroad State Historical Park as well.  The Troopers will act accordingly at all times.  By signing and dating this form, the undersigned accepts these conditions.

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Mail this form to:
John Cobb , Captain
K Troop, 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry
8068 PR 1440
Centerville, Texas 75833

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