The Rough Riders

A 1927 Production 

This was a black and white 35 mm 13 reel film made by the Paramount Famous Lasky Corp. It was premiered in New York on March 15, 1927.

Producer: Adolph Zukor, Jesse Lasky; Assoc. Producer B. P. Schulberg; Director: Victor Fleming; Screenplay Robert N. Lee, Keene Thompson

The cast included Noah Beery, Charles Farrell, George Bancroft, Charles Emmett Mack, Masry Astor, Frak Hopper (as Roosevelt), Col Fred Lindsay (as Leonard Wood), and Fred Kohler (Sgt. Stanton)

The story concerns the Rough Riders (of course). Bancroft's character skip's jail to enlist, as does his pursuer, the sheriff (Beery). Bert, a local Texas boy and Van, a New Yorker compete for the attractions of Dolly (Astor). Bert and Van become friends, and when Bert is wounded atSan Juan Hill, Van carried him back down of the hill, where he dies as a hero. Van notifies Dolly. The film ends with Dolly and van attending Roosevelt's inauguration with their two children.

The production was filmed around San Antonio. When filming began, Paramount hosted a dinner at the St. Anthony Hotel with local people, and the military in attendance. The production company arrived in town aboard the Southern Pacific RR and was met by a brass band.

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Frank Chappell (correspondent, provided info. on the surviving stills, and location of the filming)

Cohen, Stan. Images of Spanish American War, April-August,1998.  (Missoula:Pictorial Histories Publishing Co., Inc., 1997), 324 -326.

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