Spanish American War Veterans of

Artesia New Mexico

Contributed by David Minton

The Photos:

Below are two photos, one taken about 1938, and the second taken about 1940.

The first image, below, is of a group of men in front of VFW hall in Artesia, NM. This is the "Spanish American War Veterans encampment, Artesia NM, April  23, 1938." This photo would have been taken to memorialize the 40th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish American War.

The man in the light suit, sitting second from the left is George Frisch. Beside Mr. Frisch, sitting third from the left is Joseph C. Shuff (51st Iowa Volunteer infantry Co. I). The man holding the cane in the center of the  front row is John D. Wagner (1st U.S. Volunteer Infantry - "Rough Riders" - Troop M).  Sitting two places to the right of Mr. Wagner is John W. Kennedy (4th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Co. A) with a light suit and a mustache.

In the second row, at far left wearing a cap is Jack Hastie. The man holding the flag is John W. Vandagriff (Arkansas 1st Reg't Infantry, Co. I). 

The second image taken about 1940, shows 6 men, the only Spanish American War vets known to be living in the area at the time. The back row, from left to right are George Frisch (Co. K, 3rd Nebraska Volunteer Infantry), John W. Vandagriff (1st Arknasas Volunteer Infantry, Co. I), Jack Hastie (18th U.S. Infantry, Co. G). The front row, from right to left are Loren E. Neely (2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Co. C), John W. Kennedy, (4th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Co. A) and Joe C. Shuff (51st Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Co. I).

Thanks to Pauline Vandagriff Laughlin for identifying her grandfather in the 1938 photo!

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